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Global Architecture News December 2011

Architectural Design Developments in Dec 2011 – World Built Environment – Complete list for the month

Architectural News December 2011

World Architecture Developments in Dec 2011

Leüthens Kulturhage Trondheim, Norway : Henning Larsen Architects. 22 Dec
Leüthens Kulturhage
picture courtesy Henning Larsen Architects
Daylight is one of the most important parameters of the design, both as regards sustainability and work environment. The heart of the building is the vibrant atrium space situated in the centre of the volume. The atrium features a number of displaced floors, which create terraces and balconies and thus encourage informal meetings between the employees. The atrium increases the sense of community across the organisation –whether an employee or visitor, you contribute to the atmosphere in the building.

The 747 Wing House, Malibu, California, USA : Studio of Environmental Architecture
The 747 Wing House
photo : Carson Leh & Laura Doss

House in Cambeses, Portugal : Rui Grazina Arquitectura+Design
House in Barcelos
photograph : Nelson Garrido
Given the context, our objective was to turn the living spaces to east, considering this is where the most interesting visual points are, and to make rooms facesouth due to the quality of sun exposure, privacy and relationship with the existing topography. This contemporary Portuguese house has a gross building area of 288 sqm.

Luxembourg Apartment Building, Luxembourg : Metaform architecture
Luxembourg Apartment Building
photo : steve troes fotodesign

Cashel Mall Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand : The Buchan Group
Christchurch Rebuilding
picture from The Buchan Group

Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters, Budapest, Hungary : Vikar&Lukacs Architects Studio
Hungarian Autoklub Headquarters
photo © Tamás Bujnovszky

Residence near Aldeburgh, Suffolk, south east England : Strom Architects
Suffolk House
photo : Peter Guthrie

Merida Factory Youth Movement, western Spain : Jose Selgas, Lucia Cano, architects
Merida Youth Factory
image from selgascano

Bastide Niel Bordeaux, France : MVRDV
Bastide Niel Bordeaux
image from MVRDV

The Cloud at Yongsan Dreamhub, Seoul, South Korea : MVRDV
Yongsan Residential Towers
image © MVRDV

Scotts Tower Singapore : UNStudio
Singapore Tower
photo © UNStudio

Bernard Tschumi Architects : Alésia Museum, First Phase, France
Alésia Museum
photo from Bernard Tschumi urbanistes Architectes

E8 Building Alava, Vitoria, Basque Country, Spain : COLL-BARREU ARQUITECTOS
E8 Building
photo : Aleix Bagué

Mima House, Viana do Castelo, north Portugal : mima architects
Viana do Castelo house
photograph : Jose Campos

Trollwall Restaurant, Norway : Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Trollveggen Restaurant
photo from Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

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