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Dublin Architecture Walking Tours : latest Western European architectural walking tour by e-architect
Grand Canal Square Theatre Dublin
photo © Ros Kavanagh

House in Ericeira, Portugal : Jorge Graça Costa
House for a Professional Surfer - Architecture News August 2012
photograph : Fernando Guerra, FG + SG
The house design emerges from the inevitability of protection of prevailing winds. The north wind dominant in the summer and the stormy south wind dominant in the winter carrying the rain from the sea.
The numerous sustainable features includes: cork has a primary isolation material, passive design (natural heating and cooling), floor and water heating by solar panels supported by biomass heating, microclimate environment created by the patio and the pool (pool water without chemical treatment) and rainwater harvesting (collected in a preexisting well) for irrigation proposes.

Wuxi Grand Theatre Building, China : PES-Architects. 24 Aug
Wuxi Grand Theatre Building - Architecture News August 2012
image : Pan Weijun
The main idea of Wuxi Grand Theatre is based on its location. The manmade peninsula on the northern shore area of Taihu Lake and the highway bridge nearby make this location comparable to that of Sydney Opera House. Due to this location the building is an impressive landmark, rising up to a total height of 50 meters like a big sculpture from the terraced base.
The architectural concept is unique: inside the steel wings are thousands of LED lights, which make it possible to change the colour of the wings according to the character of the performances.

Hilversum Town Hall Building, The Netherlands – new photographs : Willem Marinus Dudok
Hilversum Raadhuis - Architecture News August 2012
photo © Adrian Welch

Japanese Mortuary : Amaury de Cocquéau
Mortuary in Japan - Architecture News August 2012
image from designer
Setting the problem: Japan has an extremely high number of elderly and the busy urbanization of the after war years created a substantial problem of where to locate the deceased, and how to correctly deal with them. Also, due to Japan’s capitalistically oriented society, mortuary rites changed into expensive, over-standardized events, unworthy of the emotionally charged moment.

Kadare Cultural Center, Japan : chiaki arai urban and architectural design
Cultural Center Kadare Building
photograph © 2012 Taisuke Ogawa
This is a complex institution composed of Multipurpose Transforming Theater, Library and Community Center. Originally, this project had two sites sandwiching a road.

Fort Werk aan ‘t Spoel, Culemborg, The Netherlands : Rietveld Landscape | Atelier de Lyon
Fort Werk aan 't Spoel Holland Lek dike Culemborg
photo : Rob ‘t Hart

V4 House, São Paulo, Brazil : studio mk27
Casa V4 house São Paulo - Architecture News August 2012
photograph : Nelson Kon

V on Shenton Singapore : Ben van Berkel / UNStudio
V on Shenton Singapore - Architecture News August 2012
image : UNStudio

Toblerone House, São Paulo, Brazil : studio mk27 – marcio kogan + diana radomysler
Toblerone house
photograph : Nelson Kon

Trimo Urban Crash Competition : summer challenge
Trimo Urban Crash competition design
image from architects

Weihai Pavilion Building, Shandong Peninsula, China : Make Architects
Weihai Pavilion Building
photograph : Shu He

Sven-Harry’s Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden : Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB
Sven-Harry’s - Architecture News August 2012
photograph : Tord-Rickard Söderström

The Dragon Valley Retail District Seoul, South Korea : 5+design
The Dragon Valley Retail District Buildings
image from architects

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