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Contemporary Mexican Architectural Practice

Latest Designs by Pascal Arquitectos

Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

CS Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America
CS Tegucigalpa
image from architects
Casa E México – 7 Apr 2016
More than a defined project, this is a scalable and reconfigurable system, which is based on a triangular module which generates specific geometry that defines space, forms and a four by four feet grid that allows an efficient and effective use of prefabricated materials.

Casa E, Mexico
Casa E México
image from architect
Casa E México – 6 Apr 2016

La Peninsula, Marina Vallarta, Mexico
La Peninsula Mexico
image from architect
La Peninsula Marina Vallarta – 9 Apr 2013
The guidelines upon which this project was developed are based in two concepts: one that allows a maximum exploitation of possibilities without falling on a typical saturated low range residence, and a second one, very important too, to obtain an acceptable investment return estimate.

Rosarito Condominiums, Baja California Norte, México
Rosarito Condos
image from architects
Pascal Arquitectos – latest design : 21 Nov 2011
Located in a cliff of 30 metres high between Rosarito and Ensenada, this condominium complex tries to satisfy beach property growing demand in Baja California area.

ACBC Office Building, Ciudad de México
Mexico City Office Building
photograph : Jaime Navarro
Ciudad de México Office Building – 16 Aug 2011
This office project was designed for a shopping center developer. The initial concept aimed to create a very functional and contemporary headquarters. The design intention was to build, through the language and the atmosphere, architecture completely different from the traditional, institutional approaches, and based on the premise of the workplace as a second home where people seem to spend most of their time.

Pascal Arquitectos Designs in 2011

El Secreto, Chimalistac, Mexico DF.
El Secreto México
photo from Pascal Arquitectos
Secret Guest House Mexico – 11 Jul 2011
El Secreto is a contemporary family house in a residential classified historic colonial zone of Chimalistac in Mexico City. It is a house made to order for a client, which is often more complex than developing a large building. The result depends on two factors: a good architect, but rather more importantly a good client.

Tecamachalco Competition, México
Tecamachalco Competition
photo from Pascal Arquitectos
Tecamachalco Competition – 10 Jun 2011
This is a private invited competition in which we had ten days to submit the proposal. Somehow this short time period is not usual for this size of project, but we think it also helps the convener to measure the speed of response of those invited.

Mikve Rajel, Mexico
Mikve Rajel México
photograph : Víctor Benítez
Mikve Rajel – 8 Jun 2011
The Mikve is the ritual bath of purification in the Jewish religion. It is possible diving in fresh spring water, or in a place specially dedicated to it, fed by rainwater that must be collected, stored and communicated to the vessel that is called a Mikve. All this must be made under a very strict set of rules related to the degree of purity of water. These rules also include the use of materials, architectural measures and water treatment.

Pascal Arquitectos Designs in 2010

Goldsmith Apartment building, Polanco, Mexico City
Apartment building México City
image from architect
Goldsmith Apartment building

Nativity Church Competition, Culiacan, Sinaloa, México
Nativity Church Competition
picture from architect
Nativity Church Culiacan

Zitacuaro Apartment building, Mexico City, México
Mexico City Apartment building
photo from Pascal Arquitectos
Zitacuaro Apartment Building

Pascal Arquitectos – Key Projects

Featured Buildings, alphabetical:

Da Vinci Apartments, Huixquilucan, Edo de Mexico
Da Vinci Apartments
photo : Jaime Navarro
Pascal Arquitectos : Mexican apartments

Galileo Apartments, Mexico City
Galileo Apartments
image : Pascal Arquitectos
Galileo Apartments

Jose Vasconcelos Public Library, Mexico
Jose Vasconcelos Public Library
picture : Pascal Arquitectos
Jose Vasconcelos Public Library

Mourning House, Mexico City
Mourning House
photo : Víctor Benítez
Mourning House Mexico City

Nisha Bar-Lounge, Acapulco
Nisha Bar Lounge Acapulco
photograph : Sófocles Hernández
Nisha Bar-Lounge Acapulco

Nisha Bar-Lounge, Mexico City
Mexican bar
photo from Pascal Arquitectos
Mexican bar

Pedregal Shopping Centre, Pedregal, Mexico City
Mexican shopping centre
image from architect
Mexican shopping centre

Sheraton Hotel, Mexico City
Mexico City hotel
image from architect
Mexico City hotel

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