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9 Sep 2016

One-World Design Architects News

Diamond Jubilee Bridge in London Update

The London Assembly has given backing for this £24 m speculative River Thames crossing design spanning between Battersea and Fulham

Diamond Jubilee Bridge in London by One-world design

The motion was brought forward in support of the Diamond Jubilee Bridge by the Green Party.

4 May 2016

London Garden Bridge Funding Bias

The architect responsible for a proposed bridge across the River Thames has questioned ministers’ motives for failing to offer the scheme a key funding break granted to Thomas Heatherwick’s controversial Garden Bridge project, reports Building Design.

The Jubilee Bridge London

One-World Design Architects already has planning permission for its speculative pedestrian bridge linking Battersea with Fulham, and piling work on one side of the Thames is being undertaken through a s106 agreement related to a riverside development.

The Jubilee Bridge London by One-World Design Architects

6 Mar 2012

One-world design – Key Architecture Projects

River Thames Penthouse, London, England, UK
Date: 2012
Falcon Wharf Penthouse
photo : Jack Hobhouse
Falcon Wharf Penthouse
One-world design have just finished the complete refurbishment of a 5000sqft riverside penthouse. The design reveals previously unseen panoramic views of London’s famous skyline and increases the usable floor space and value by reconfiguring access arrangements. The resulting accommodation is divided into 4 suites, with separate bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and changing spaces, study areas and children’s play space.

The Jubilee Bridge, London, England, UK
Date: 2012-
Design with Expedition Engineering
Jubilee Bridge London
image from One-world design
The Jubilee Bridge London
A bridge design is being proposed by architects One-world design to sit alongside the existing Chelsea Railway Bridge. A new connection between Chelsea Harbour and Battersea would be beneficial to the communities, transport links and businesses on both sides of the river. One-world design and Expedition Engineering have progressed designs for the new bridge.

More Architecture by One-world design online soon

Location: 5 Windward House, Plantation Wharf, Battersea, London, SW11 3TU, England, UK

Design Practice Information

One-world design are a London-based architect studio of international architects and designers.

London Architects

This British architecture practice’s view is that there is a link between the economy, society, and our environment and architecture is part of how we can change it for the better- architecture serving the community. This Battersea architects office is a RIBA Chartered architectural practice with collaborative and sustainable design at its core. We offer a new, holistic, approach to the challenges faced by developers, home builders and homeowners today.

We launched in September 2011 with our appointment on several exciting projects in the London area, Hampshire and Devon. Our work is focused on delivering solutions that meet the needs of the present and foreseeable future without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Our intention is to drive towards the highest sustainability standards, staying ahead of the curve of the increasing statutory standards.

We will use the manifesto statement published on our web site as a touchstone for all our work – with all projects driven to exceed commonly accepted standards to ensure truly sustainable development. We offer a service that delivers both an environmentally sound and a high quality product and each project is approached with the same dedication regardless of end use, scale or cost.

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