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Entasis, Copenhagen, Denmark

København Arkitekter, Danmark

post updated 4 May 2021

Entasis Architects – Key Projects

Nykredit Architecture Prize Winner 2009

Key Projects, alphabetical:

Carlsberg – our city, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dates: 2008-27
Carlsberg buildings renewal by Entasis Architects Copenhagen
image from Entasis Arkitekter
Carlsberg buildings

Kildeskovshallen, Gentofte, Denmark
Date built: 2000
image from Entasis Architects

Spinderiet housing, Copenhagen, Denmark
Date built: 2008
Spinderiet housing
image from architecture office
Spinderiet housing

Zoo Entrance for the Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark
Date built: 1996
Copenhagen Zoo Building
image from architect practice
Copenhagen Zoo Entry Building

More projects by Entasis Architects online soon

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark, northern Europe

Copenhagen Architecture Practice Information

Entasis arkitekter – Copenhagen design studio, Denmark.

Copenhagen Architects

Entasis, the Greek word for tension, manifests itself in the practice’s work in what they see as a tension between ideas and physical construction. The building for them is a means of architectural expression, able to educate and manipulate thoughts and emotions, not just a functional shelter.

Giving space priority over surface decoration they use light, texture, rhythm, acoustics and proportion to create vibrant spaces with the power to move the spirit. The aim is ‘to give form to the Utopian vision of classic modern man’, and their work is firmly grounded in what has gone before, particularly Renaissance and Modernist architecture.

Entasis is an internationally acclaimed small architectural practice keeping professional standards high. In 2006 they received national recognition with the ‘Eckersberg Medal’ and the ‘Margot & Thorvald Dreyers Prize’, both among the finest Danish destinctions.

Their first building (the Zoo entrance) was awarded with the AIA Prize ‘Best Building in Europe 1998’. Since then most of their implemented work has received awards and recognition, and a couple of projects (‘Kildeskovshallen’ and ‘The Defence Academy’) have been nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Prize.

Winning the open international Carlsberg competition marks their latest achievement in a number of successful competition entries counting,
The entrance to the Zoological Gardens, Copenhagen, 1996
3 family houses for The Danish Arts Foundation, Vejle, 1998
‘Kildeskovshallen’, a new 50 m pool, Gentofte, 2000
The Defence Academy, new tuition facilities, Copenhagen, 2000
124 houses, a housing-cooperative in Trekroner, 2002
A new building for the Parish Council, Riga, 2003
‘Emaljehaven, social housing, Copenhagen NV, 2004
‘50+’, social housing in Ørestad, Copenhagen, 2005
The New Carlsberg City District, a 33 ha site in Copenhagen, 2007
‘Spinderiet’, social housing, Valby, 2008

A series of appointed work for private owners conclude the portfolio of the office.

From a humanistic perspective the office handles all scales of architecture (from doorknob to city planning) where the human scale and the wellbeing of man is the concern of any project. Christian and Signe Cold founded Entasis in 1996 as a professional architectural unit revering the presence of History, Humanism and the ability to move.

Website: https://entasis.dk/

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