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15 Mar 2012

EM2N Swiss Event

EM2N + Stephan Trüby, Zürich, Switzerland
Swiss Alps Holiday Cottage by EM2N Architects
photo © Hannes Henz
mit Release ARCH+ 205 “Servicearchitekturen”
Donnerstag, 15.3.2012, 19 Uhr
Vortragssaal ZHdK
Ausstellungsstraße 60, Zürich

Lecture and discussion: Internal urbanism as a conceptual emphasis in the œuvre of EM2N

“In the framework of discussion series ‘ARCH+ features’ and the publication of the latest issue of ARCH+ 205 Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli together with architecture theorist Stephan Trüby talk about the conceptual focus of the ‘internal urbanism’ and the ‘aesthetics of appropriation’ that they employ as architectural strategies in their work. The focus here is on the Toni-Areal currently under construction.

On Thursday, 15 March 2012 at 7 pm in the Vortragssaal of the ZHdK, Ausstellungsstrasse 60 in Zurich.”

The Architectural Model – Tool, Fetish, Small Utopia, Frankfurt, Germany
25 May – 16 Sep 2012
In a field of tension defined by the model’s function as a tool, fetish or a small utopia around 200 exhibits are paid tribute in a show that presents them as a medium for illustration and design and includes a Plexiglas concept model of the new Toni Site in Zurich. The use of this transparent material means that, unlike in a conventional model, both inside and outside are equally visible.

The exhibition runs from 25 May to 16 September 2012 in DAM, Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt am Main.

EM2N Architects – Key Projects

Featured EM2N Buildings, alphabetical:

Community Center Aussersihl, Zurich, Switzerland
Date built: 2004
Community Center Aussersihl by EM2N Architects
photo © Hannes Henz
Community Center Aussersihl Zurich

Conversion Theatre 11, Zurich, Switzerland
Date built: 2006
Conversion Theatre 11 by EM2N Architects
photo © Hannes Henz
Conversion Theatre 11 Zurich

Holiday Cottage in the Swiss Alps, Flumserberg, Switzerland
Date built: 2003
Swiss Alps Cottage by EM2N Architects
photo © Hannes Henz
Flumserberg house

Gross House Conversion, Greifensee, Switzerland
Date built: 2008
Gross House by EM2N Architects
photo © Hannes Henz
Gross House

Extension Public Records Office Canton Basel-Landschaft, Liestal, Switzerland
Date built: 2007
Swiss Public Records Office
photo © Hannes Henz
Swiss Public Records Office

Railway Station Hardbruecke Upgrading, Zurich, Switzerland
Date built: 2007
Railway Station Hardbruecke
photo © Hannes Henz
Railway Station Hardbruecke

Siewerdtstrasse Apartmenthouse, Zurich, Switzerland
Date built: 2006
Siewerdtstrasse Apartmenthouse
photo © Hannes Henz
Siewerdtstrasse Apartmenthouse Zurich

More projects by Zürich Architecture Practice online soon

Location: Zurich, Switzerland, central Europe

Swiss Architecture Practice Information


Swiss Architects Offices

Office established: 1997/98
Location: Switzerland
Legal form: AG
Staff: 2 principals, 3 associates, 30 architects, 9-10 interns, 1 secretary
Operating fields: housing, refurbishment, public buildings, commercial buildings, city planning
Realised projects: 14
Ongoing projects: 18

EM2N Mission statement:
Our architecture wants to be powerful and personal. It aims to develop its own character, and it is fine with us, if our projects polarize. One may love our architecture or hate it, but it should not leave you indifferent.

We are convinced that there is never just one solution. Our projects have to be able to cope with the unforeseen, even accidental. Therefore, we tend to think in scenarios, we work with hypotheses, we generate antithetic alternatives. Each one of these projections into the future starts from different assumptions and tells its own story.

If we manage to develop projects that stand for themselves and manage to assert themselves in the urban fabric, we have reached our goal.

Swiss Architect

Website: https://www.em2n.ch/

Swiss Architectural Designs

Swiss Architecture Designs – architectural selection below:

Swiss Architecture Designs – chronological list

Zurich Architecture Walking Tours – bespoke city walks by e-architect guides

Ispace Installation, Rossa, Moesa Region, canton of Graubünden
Design: Davide Macullo Architects
Ispace Installation Rossa
photo : Corrado Griggi
Ispace Installation Rossa

Weltpostpark site buildings, Bern
Design: SSA Architekten, Basel, Switzerland
Weltpostpark residential buildings Bern
photograph © Ruedi Walti
Weltpostpark residential buildings Bern

Swiss Architecture

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