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Patch22 Apartments in Amsterdam

Timber Housing Building in Holland – design by FRANTZEN et al

27 Jan 2017

Patch22 Apartments

Location: Johan van Hasseltkade 202-306, 1032 LP Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Architect: FRANTZEN et al

Patch22 Apartments


Patch22, designed by FRANTZEN et al, was awarded the WAN 2016 residential award on January 10th 2017 and was also given a Green Award a day earlier. In December the project was runner-up to the Amsterdam Zuiderkerk award for the best housing project of 2016 while in November Patch22 was runner-up for the ARC2016 innovation awards.




Patch22 is the highest wooden apartment building of the Netherlands
Patch22 is not only clad with a wooden façade but has a 30m high wooden load bearing structure in which the wooden columns, wooden beams and wooden walls remain visible in the interiors of the apartments. Fire regulations were met with by simply enlarging all the wood dimensions. In case of fire the outer layer of wood can burn up and will protect the structurally necessary wood by charring for up to 120 minutes. It is the first apartment building in the Netherlands to use this approach and therefore to make it possible to experience the atmospheric qualities of wood in a high-rise building.



Patch22 has very flexible apartment layouts
The apartments, totally empty when sold, have a flexible layout by using hollow floors in which the installations can be adjusted as desired. Owners can install their own installations and pipes by easily removing the top layer of the floors. This way the owners can design and realise their own floor plans and even adjust them over the years. By negotiating a new kind of land lease contract with the city of Amsterdam it is made possible to change the function of the total building from housing to offices whenever this might be needed in future circumstances. The high ceiling height of 3,5 m net is not only spacious for the current owners but anticipates on different future uses.


Patch22 is the result of an innovative tender procedure
In 2009 Lemniskade Projects won the Sustainability Tender Amsterdam Buiksloterham with their proposal Patch22. The tendering procedure was innovative because the proposals were judged on sustainability aspects instead of financial bids. The energy-neutral building provides its own energy by a large amount of solar panels on the roof and is heated by a C02 neutral heating system that uses ”Pellets” (compressed wood) as fuel. The abundant use of wood helps to store as much CO2 as possible in the structure of the building. The name Patch22 refers to Catch22, but with a positive approach to closed circularity in materials and energy consumption.

Patch22 Patch22

Patch22 was developed by the architect himself
FRANTZEN et al architects and H20 installation consultancy & building management have jointly established Lemniskade Projects to realize Patch22 at their own expense and risk without the intervention of a traditional development company. Lemniskade Projects recently acquired the neighbouring plot and developed a new project called Top-Up. This will also become a 30m high wooden apartment building on top of an existing concrete structure. It is scheduled to break ground in june 2017.


Patch22 Apartments in Amsterdam – Building Information

Project: Patch22
Location: Johan van Hasseltkade 202-306, 1032 LP Amsterdam
Design: 2009-14
Completed: 2016
Architect: FRANTZEN et al, Amsterdam, project team: Tom Frantzen, Karel van Eijken, Laura Reinders
Client: Lemniskade Projects, Amsterdam (Tom Frantzen and Claus Oussoren)
MEP consultant: H20 installation consultancy & building management
Building management: H20 installation consultancy & building management
Structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Amsterdam
Contractor: Hillen and Roosen, Amsterdam
budget (building costs): €6.400.000
Area: 5400 sqm
Photographer: Luuk Kramer

About FRANTZEN et al / Tom Frantzen:
Tom Frantzen started his career as an independent architect shortly after graduating Cum Laude at the Technical University of Eindhoven in 1995. Since then his office won several competitions and completed a number of high quality buildings. In 2009 Tom founded “Lemniskade project development” together with building-manager Claus Oussoren to develop architectural projects from initiative to completion as an architect-developer. Tom is also member of several advisory boards and lectures regularly at Academies of Architecture in the Netherlands.


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Location:Johan van Hasseltkade 202-306, Amsterdam ‘

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Patch22 Apartments in Amsterdam Amsterdam Building

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