Lebkov & Sons Café in Amsterdam Interior

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Lebkov & Sons Café in Amsterdam

Contemporary Commercial Interior in Holland – design by Studio Akkerhuis Architects

26 Sep 2018

Lebkov & Sons Café

Design: Studio Akkerhuis

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lebkov & Sons Café, The Netherlands

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

In our current day and age, we all are searching for a unique place; a place where there is always something going on, where people can enjoy the good things in life, and where everyone is invited to have and share experiences. This place is not home or the workplace, but a kind of special ‘third place’ located somewhere between public and domestic, where everyone is welcome.

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

This is the idea Studio Akkerhuis developed together with the owner of Lebkov & Sons for their new brand identity.

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

In continuity with their existing cafés, the new location is conceived as a kitchen-living space where customers and baristas share the same table or counter designed for them to rest, enjoy a meal as well as prepare good coffee.

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

The bar and the open kitchen form the centerpiece that organizes and structures the entire café space. The seating areas, articulated around the central bar, are designed to create a diversity of interesting spaces throughout the different areas of the cafe. These include wooden benches next to the kitchen, a snake-like, concrete shared table along the facade, the central bar counter, and a raised platform where the barista’s concrete working tables extend over the counter and become the customer tables. The close interaction between customer and barista is emphasized by the low glass showcase, set below eye level which offers a transparency through the space and a better visibility of the products.

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

This ‘sharing mix’ is also represented by the Lebkov pattern- where black squares mix with light squares. Previously realized with small tiles, the pattern has been reinvented using an innovative material- Wood-skin.

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

This new material is made up of wooden panels with engraved patterns that give organic shapes to the covered objects. In addition, the black-and-wood cladding confers uniformity to the space and creates surprising movement in the furniture and walls.

The iconic Lebkov pattern is also present – at a different scale – in the open storage; a modular steel structure where fresh products and coffee beans are displayed. The shelves and boxes of this storage are realized by folded WoodSkin square modules that can be freely placed into the steel frames.

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

The wood, concrete and steel combined with a discreet lighting design radiate warmth, authenticity, and unity. The mix of materials creates a comfortable and welcoming environment- truly a special ‘third place’ for everyone to enjoy.

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

Lebkov & Sons Café, Amsterdam – Building Information

Architect and Interior Design: Studio Akkerhuis
Client: Lebkov & Sons
Furniture and Cladding: Wood-Skin
Lighting Design: Modular
Location: Amsterdam Zuidas
Year: 2018

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

Photographer: Ronald Smits Photography

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Address: Lebkov & Sons Zuidas, Claude Debussylaan 130, 1082 MD Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 20-8006638
Website: www.lebkov.nl

Location: Claude Debussylaan 130, 1082 MD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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