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Umubano Primary School, Rwanda

African Education Building by Mass Design Group

18 Jun 2013

Design: Mass Design Group, USA

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Umubano Primary School: Rwanda Building

Rwandan Primary School

Umubano Primary School Rwanda

The School’s seven buildings house nine classrooms and a library on a sloping site. Unique settings for education have been created to occur within a mix of interior rooms, exterior teaching areas – some of which are covered by sloping roofs – and terraced play spaces for children.

Umubano Primary School Rwanda Umubano Primary School Rwanda Umubano Primary School Rwanda Umubano Primary School Rwanda
photos : Jean-Charles Tall

Local materials such as brick and bamboo are used, and shading and natural ventilation is relied upon to reduce energy consumption. In the classrooms, light from clerestories above balances the light from windows.

Umubano Primary School Rwanda
image from architect

Curricula have been specifically developed to provide quality education for over 300 vulnerable or orphaned children. Adult evening classes are promoted and serve to improve literacy within the wider community.

Umubano Primary School – Building Information

Location: Kigali, Rwanda (East Africa)
Architect: Mass Design Group, Boston, MA, USA
Client: A Partner In Education
Completed: 2011
Design: 2007
Site size: 900 m²

Umubano Primary School information / images from from Aga Khan Development Network

MASS Design Group

Location: Kigali, Rwanda, Africa

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