Sipopo Congress Center Equatorial Guinea, Malabo Building, African Architecture, Architect

Sipopo Congress Center, Malabo

Equatorial Guinea Building: African Conference Centre design by Tabanlioglu Architects

21 Mar 2014 + 17 Aug 2011

Date: 2011

Design: Tabanlioglu Architects

Location: Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa

Sipopo Congress Center

Sipopo Congress Center

In the Capital city Malabo of Equatorial Guinea, the SIPOPO Congress Center is situated by the ocean and surrounded by the woods.The rectangular two-storey block is nested in a semi-transparent metal envelop as a shield protecting from strong lights and create an implication of security, protecting the interiors from sharp sun beams yet benefiting the daylight at optimum.

Sipopo Congress Center Sipopo Congress Center Malabo Sipopo Congress Center Equatorial Guinea Malabo Building Equatorial Guinea Congress Centre Building
images from architects

The lacy texture of the mesh grants a shady interior without hindering the accent of transparency. The glass wall systems allow for the maximum viewing area with no horizontal or vertical mullions to obstruct the vision towards the ocean. Incise patterns permit controlled daylight to diffuse into the building interior and at night, when lobbies and the restaurant are lighted, the oozing beams through the slits communicate with the spirits of the forest and ocean.

Equatorial Guinea Building Congress Center Malabo Congress Center Equatorial Guinea Sipopo Congress Center Equatorial Guinea Sipopo Congress Center Malabo
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Entering the main lobby, which is double space atrium, the interiors grant a feeling of spaciousness, and create a wide circulation zone. At the start of the corridor, the building as a source of pride for Africa, the Africa map made up of lights welcomes the leaders at the entrance and enriches the communicative nature of the Congress Center.

The main conference hall, a rectangular space at the first floor, with a circular seating design, is situated amid the structure and accessed through the connecting lobbies at three sides. The balances of light and shadow, transparency of a communal space and confidentiality of affairs of state is carefully practiced in the physical existence of the project. Situated as a back row of the mail hall, VIP launches are designed at the ground floor.

Equatorial Guinea Building Malabo Building Sipopo Congress Center Equatorial Guinea Building Equatorial Guinea Congress Center Building
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The restaurant, overlooking the bay, is also located at the first floor flanked by the foyer at two intersecting sides. Use of Natural materials like timber, natural stone and glass is preferred. The three dimensional walls of each space is uniquely designed with reference to local sources. Starting with the design of special walls, the acoustic concerns are supported by architecture, as well as the quality of technical equipment. The transparent connection bridge links the new building to the existing one in the texture of the natural environment.

Sipopo Congress Center Malabo Building
image from architects

Sipopo Congress Center images / information from FD

Sipopo Congress Center Malabo architects : Tabanlioglu

Location: Sipopo Congress Center, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

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