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African Education Building Project design by Desitecture

17 Aug 2010

Desitecture lead Gambia school project

UK-based concept and competition outfit Desitecture have revealed their latest pro bono project – the design of a much needed elementary school for a remote village in Gambia.

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Funding for the Gambia School Building project was derived from a series of fundraising events, with emphasis placed on showing how the design cold benefit the local school children.

Gambia School building

“The design of this new school facility for 40 children is intended to support the community by providing flexible use space, provided using effective sustainable and local technology systems. This is intended to be an easily extendable prototype, with the ability to develop both in accommodation and function, according to the needs of the school and community. The project is funded through a series of UK based charity events and activities, and the design is intended to keep base costs to a minimum; with professional design and development provided on a no fee basis.

The accommodation comprises two classrooms, a teachers study, wc’s for boys and girls, a kitchen and a covered play area and impluvium, adjacent to the school is a play area and vegetable garden, for consumption and learning support.

Gambia School interior

The use of current technology in the learning process will be provided by a roof mounted photo voltaic panel linked to a transformer/generator, providing light and charge for a mobile phone internet connection to a laptop and plasma screen.

The facility can be used by the community after classes for continuing education and social purposes. We hope that this facility will help provide education for many years to come and become a useful and an integral part of the community.”

Gambia School design

With funding now available the school is currently being constructed by local residents to the specification and design led by Desitecture. Local sports teams have accepted the role of onsite constructors and as funding continues to pour in, hopefully within a matter of months, the new school will be finished and prove a vital addition in the daily lives of local residents.

Gambian School Building images / information from Lee Miles

Location: Gambia

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