Arango Residence Las Brisas, 1970s John Lautner house architect, Modern Mexican building photos

Arango Home in Marbrisa

Marbrisa House: Modern Residence in Acapulco, Mexico design by John Lautner Architect

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Location: 1a. Cda. Vientos Cardinales, Las Brisas, Marbrisa, Acapulco, Mexico

Date built: 1971-73

Design: John Lautner

Arango Residence by John Lautner

Photos by Sara Sackner

23 Jan 2019

Arango Residence

Modern Mexican house with the Upper level living and dining terrace, overlooking Acapulco Bay. This beautiful, organic-shaped residence was designed in 1972 and completed the year after.

Arango Residence in Mexico by John Lautner architect

The house was commissioned in 1970 by Jeronimo Arango as a weekend home for his family. The client had seen Elrod House in publications and wanted a similar house. He wanted the property to look out over the bay of Acapulco.

Arango Residence Marbrisa house

The house uses a concrete structure with two floors. It is also known by the name of Residencia Mar Brisas.

The Arango Residence was photographed by the celebrated architectural photographer Julius Shulman (1910 – 2009). Julius was an American architectural photographer best known for his photographs of Case Study House #22, Los Angeles, 1960, designed by Pierre Koenig Architect.

Architect: John Lautner, USA
Engineer: Lin, T.Y., Kulka, Yang and Associates
Promoter: Jerónimo Arango
Built-up Area: 2, 300 sqm
Date built: 1973

The house is located on the street Cda. Cardinal. The precise address for the Arango Residence property was kindly provided by a reader of this website.

John Lautner Architect, USA

Near Inmobiliaría Monifer S.A., 1a. Cda. Vientos Cardinales S/n, Las Brisas, 39867 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico

Location: 1a. Cda. Vientos Cardinales, Las Brisas, 39867 Acapulco, Gro., Mexico, North America

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