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Herman Hertzberger Building News

16 Jun 2022
Centraal Beheer Revisions, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Design: MVRDV
Centraal Beheer Building Apeldoorn NL
photo courtesy of Certitudo Capital – An aerial view of the Centraal Beheer building and the Pakhoedtorens taken in 2015
Centraal Beheer Building in Apeldoorn
The Centraal Beheer building by Herman Hertzberger is a well-known project among architects worldwide. Designed for an insurance company, the office is widely seen as one of the high points of the structuralist movement.

RIBA Gold Medal 2012 Winner

6 Dec 2011
Herman Hertzberger – 2012 Royal Gold Medal for architecture

The internationally acclaimed Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger has been named today (Tuesday 6 December 2011) as the recipient of one of the world’s most prestigious architecture prizes, the Royal Gold Medal.

Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger

Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Hans van den Bogaard

Established in 1848 and given in recognition of a body of work, the Royal Gold Medal is approved personally by Her Majesty the Queen and is given to a person or group of people whose influence on architecture has had a truly international effect.

Born in 1932 Herman Hertzberger opened his own firm of architects in 1960, the present-day Architectuurstudio HH in Amsterdam. One of his major influences on 20th century architecture was to challenge the early modernist belief that ‘form follows function’ – that the shape of the building was defined by its purpose. Hertzberger believes that the core function of a building does not provide the total solution to space usage: it is a framework that should enable its users to interpret and define how they inhabit it. His buildings offer flexible ‘in between’ spaces that encourage our deeper human needs of dwelling and social activity.

Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Hans van den Bogaard

Herman Hertzberger was the winner of Royal Gold Medal for architecture in 2012.

Herman Hertzberger – Key Projects

Herman Hertzberger, Dutch Structuralist

born Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Major Buildings by Herman Hertzberger Architect

Centraal Beheer – Office building, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Date built: 1972
Centraal Beheer Apeldoorn Centraal Beheer Apeldoorn design by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photos © Willem Diepraam

Montessori School, Delft, The Netherlands
Date built: 1966

Key Buildings by Herman Hertzberger

Key Architectural Projects by Herman Hertzberger, alphabetical:

14e Montessorischool – Elementary School Refurbishment, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dates built: 2003-06

Almere Growth homes, Almere, The Netherlands
Dates built: 1998 – 2002

Amsterdam Water Management and Sewerage Department – office building, Amsterdam
Dates built: 2000-05/06
Waternet Amsterdam by Herman Hertzberger Architect Waternet Amsterdam Offices
photos © Duccio Malagamba

Anne Frankschool – Primary school, Papendrecht, The Netherlands

The Apollo Schools : Montessori School + Willemspark School, Amsterdam
Apollo Schools by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Frits Dijkhof

Apollo Schools Amsterdam
photo © Herman Hertzberger

Benelux Trademark Office, The Hague, The Netherlands

Berlin Housing complex – Stralauer Halbinsel, Berlin, Germany
Stralauer Halbinsel by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Uwe Rau

Bijlmer Monument, Amsterdam
with Georges Descombes & Akelei Hertzberger

Centraal Beheer – Office building, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
For Centraal Beheer Insurance Company
Centraal Beheer by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Aviodrome Luchtfotografie

Centraal Beheer Extension – office building, Apeldoorn

Chassé Theater, Breda, The Netherlands
Chassé Theater Chassé Theater Breda by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photos © Herman van Doorn

CODA – Museum, Library & Municipal Archives, Apeldoorn
CODA Apeldoorn CODA Museum Apeldoorn by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photos © Herman van Doorn

Cologne Office building – MediaPark Köln Block 5, Cologne, Germany
Cologne Office building
photo © Duccio Malagamba

De Bombardon Primary remedial school, Almere, The Netherlands

De Drie Hoven Elderly Home, Amsterdam

De Drie Hoven Elderly Home by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Willem Diepraam

De Eilanden School, Amsterdam

De Eilanden School
photo © Kees Rutten

De Evenaar Kindergarten & Primary school, Amsterdam

De Koperwiek Primary school, Venlo, The Netherlands

De Opmaat Extended School, Rijkerswoerd, Arnhem, The Netherlands

De Salamander Extended School, Arnhem

De Spil School, Arnhem

De Spil School De Spil School Arnhem by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photos © Herman van Doorn

De Vogels Primary school & residential buildings, Poelgeest, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands

Diagoon Experimental Houses, Delft, The Netherlands
Diagoon Experimental Houses by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Herman Hertzberger

Faculty of Science University of Utrecht
Faculty of Science University of Utrecht
photo © JM

Faculty of Science University of Utrecht by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Rob Hoekstra

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Informatics – proposal, University of Amsterdam, Science Park Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam

Fire station, Zwolle, The Netherlands

Freising offices park & housing, Freising, Germany

Frij’hof Housing – proposal, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Kijck over den Dijck Residential buildings, Merwesteyn-Noord, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Leerpark Secondary school – proposal, Dordrecht

Library Breda + Centre for Art & Music De Nieuwe Veste, Breda, The Netherlands

Lin Mij (textile workshop) – Amsterdam
1962-64 – demolished
Lin Mij Amsterdam Lin Mij Amsterdam by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photos © Jan Versnel

Lindenstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Lindenstrasse Berlin by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Uwe Rau

Maastricht – Centre Ceramique office building, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Meerwijk – Community School & residential buildings – proposal, Meerwijk, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Mezenhof, Veerse Poort Middelburg, The Netherlands

Middelburg Residential care complex, Middelburg, The Netherlands

Millingen – Community School, Library & Day-care centre – proposal, Millingen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

Ministry of Social Welfare and Employment, The Hague
Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment Den Haag by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © GJ

Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment Den Haag
photo © Johan van der Keuken

Montessori College Oost, Amsterdam

Montessori School, Delft
Montessori School Delft by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Johan van der Keuken

Montessori School Delft
photo © Herman van Doorn

Music Centre Vredenburg, Utrecht
Music Centre Vredenburg Utrecht by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Herman Hertzberger

Music Centre Vredenburg Utrecht
photo © Johan van der Keuken

Music Centre Vredenburg – Extension + Refurbishment, Utrecht

NHL University Leeuwarden
NHL University Leeuwarden by Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Aerolin Photo

NHL University Leeuwarden NHL University Leeuwarden
photos © John Lewis Marshall

Nijmegen – Urban design Frij’hof, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden Extension: college of advanced education – proposal, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Orpheus theatre & conference centre – Extension + Refurbishment, Apeldoorn
Orpheus theatre
photo © MS

Paradijssel Residential buildings, Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands

Paswerk – patio & canal houses, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Polygoon Primary school, Almere, The Netherlands

Presikhaven School, Arnhem

Presikhaven School Arnhem
photo © Herman van Doorn

Residential buildings Paswerk, Haarlem

Rome – Integrated Elementary / Junior High School Complex – proposal, Romanina area B, Rome, Italy

Rotterdamerstrasse Housing Complex, Düren, Germany

RWZI buildings – Sewage purification plant, Amsterdam

Schirmeister House, Borneo Island, Amsterdam

Spui Theatre Centre, The Hague

Student House Amsterdam
Student House Amsterdam
photo © Herman Hertzberger

Student Housing Amsterdam Student Housing Amsterdam
photos © Johan van der Keuken

Theater Markant, Uden, The Netherlands

Titaan, Hoorn, The Netherlands
Titaan Hoorn
photo © Herman van Doorn

Urban design, Stralauer Halbinsel Master Plan, Berlin, Germany

Vanderveen Department Store Extension, Assen, The Netherlands

Villa, Bergen, The Netherlands

Vredenburg Music Palace – proposals, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Watervilla, Middelburg, The Netherlands
Watervilla Middelburg
photo © Herman Hertzberger

Watervillas + Waterhoeves, Ypenburg, The Netherlands

Watersniphof & Zwanenhof, Veerse Poort, Middelburg, The Netherlands

YKK Dormitory / Guest house, Kurobe, Japan
YKK Dormitory YKK Dormitory Kurobe
photos © NN

Herman Hertzberger – Exhibition

Venice Biennale: Dutch pavilion – 8th International Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy

Herman Hertzberger – Competition Entries

Aarhus Urban design, Aarhus, Jylland, Denmark

Auditorium, Rome, Italy

Kulturzentrum am See – Cultural Centre on the Lake, Lucerne, Switzerland

Luxor Theater, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Malmö University complex – Urban design, Malmö, Sweden

Musicon – concert hall, Bremen, Germany

Stedelijk Museum Extension, Amsterdam

Tel Aviv Urban design Peninsula, Tel Aviv, Israel

More projects by Herman Hertzberger online soon

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, western Europe

Herman Hertzberger Practice Information

Herman Hertzberger architect studio located in Amsterdam, Holland

Herman Hertzberger Architect
photo © Hans van den Bogaard

Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger retitled as Architectuurstudio HH architects and urban designers in 2007

Dutch architect studio led by architects Herman Hertzberger, Cor Kruter, Laurens Jan ten Kate & Patrick Fransen

Technical University in Delft, Holland
graduated 1958

Herman Hertzberger established practice in Amsterdam, Holland

Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam

Technical University in Delft – Professor

Structuralist philosophy of a building’s users influencing its design via a ‘spatial framework’

Dutch Architects


1932 born in Amsterdam

1958 graduated in architectural engineering from Delft Polytechnic (today Delft University of Technology)

1965-69 lectured at the Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam

1970-99 extraordinary professor at Delft University of Technology

1982-93 guest lecturer at the University of Geneva, Switzerland

1990-95 dean of the post-doctoral course of architecture, Berlage Institute, Amsterdam; guest lecturer at universities and on architecture courses in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Herman Hertzberger started producing his own work even before graduating. In 1960 he opened his own firm of architects, the present-day Architectuurstudio HH. Famous buildings designed by his firm include the headquarters of Centraal Beheer insurance company in Apeldoorn, Vredenburg Music Centre in Utrecht, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment in The Hague. The firm is known for its many schools, housing complexes and cultural centres, both in the Netherlands and in other countries. Hertzberger has won a great many competitions, has been made an honorary member of several cultural bodies, and has been awarded international architecture prizes, both for individual projects and for his oeuvre as a whole.

From 1959 to 1963, Herman Hertzberger edited the journal Forum together with others including Aldo van Eyck and Jaap Bakema. Hertzberger’s projects have been published and exhibited worldwide.

Besides the very numerous articles he has contributed to journals in his field, he has also published the following books: Lessons for Students in Architecture (Dutch ed. 1991; English ed. 1993; also translated into Chinese, German, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Farsi and Portuguese), and Space and the Architect: Lessons in Architecture 2 (Dutch 1999; English 2000), a description of the ideas and principles on which his work is based.

In 2008 and 2009 he published the books Space and Learning and The Schools of Herman Hertzberger in which he records his wide-ranging experience, knowledge and views in a theoretical treatise on the spatial conditions of learning. The following books about his work have also appeared: Accommodating the Unexpected, Projects: 1990–1995 (1995), Chassé Theater Breda (1995), Articulations (2002), Shelter for Culture. Herman Hertzberger & Apeldoorn (2004), The Theatres of Herman Hertzberger (2005), Waternet Double Tower (2006), Hertzberger’s Amsterdam (2007), and NHL University (2011). In 2010 the bio-documentary Searching for Space by director Kees Hin was released.

Website: www.hertzberger.nl

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