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Hotel Idyllic Vietnam Design

post updated 25 October 2021

D1 Architectural Studio was named the winner of the World Design Awards 2021 Hospitality Concept category

28 + 27 Jul 2021

Design: D1 Architectural Studio

Location: 33 Truong Cong Giai Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam tower

Hotel Idyllic Building


The Hotel Idyllic in Vietnam was born from the owner’s wish to create a boutique hotel that is to be the conjunction of paradoxes: young but cultured, green but not bushy, artsy but not gaudy. From this brief D1 has created a unique design that makes the project stand distinct from the masses, leaving its signature mark on the landscape of the capital.

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam lobby interior

The design of Jimmy Hotel imitates a bird nest. Guests residing in the hotel can immerse in a fantasy tropical oasis, hearing the birds chirping from afar, tasting the freshness of raindrops, and sensing each subtle change in the ambience as each day unfolds.

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam infinity pool

While relating its residents to the surrounding neighborhood, the building pays attention to preserving their sacred tranquility, shielding them from the trepidation of the outside world.

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam street entry

A layered existence

Intended to be the medium that relates nature and society to one another, Idyllic Hotel incorporates an open garden in each guest room. The garden not only adds green to the building but also serves as a natural filter, preventing the harsh sunlight from entering the room directly. Other hotels in Hanoi, that follow the bland and boring composite box structure, resolved this climatic problem merely by installing heavy curtains, D1 discovered instead an organic solution.

Southeast Asia room interior furniture

The window glass is slided back to allow interaction with the outside atmosphere.

Sitting in the tranquility of their rooms, for guests to hear the shouts of street vendors and chatty pedestrians stopping each other for daily small talks. The bird nest facade, formed by a layer of aluminum bars hand sculpted to resemble random branches that birds collected to build their homes, acts as a veil, adorning the hotel with womanly grace. The open gardens on each room’s balconies all together comprise a vertical garden, making the building come alive in a vibrant green carpet.

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam building design

Like a piece of fossil, the hotel is complex and delicate in its own way.

The area beneath the building is conceptualised as a community space, reminiscent of Hanoians’ tradition.. Old Hanoians have the habit of enjoying teas together every mornings on the streets right in front of their houses.

Hotel Idyllic building Vietnam

Conception of the idea

The design was conceived through the architect’s resonance with the local culture. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, carries itself into the modern day with the characteristic tranquility and charming authenticity of timeworn houses nestled together in small alleys. The process of rapid urbanisation has pushed such delicate beauties further back in memories, leaving on its path motorways and bulky, lifeless, monotonous high rise buildings.

Hotel Idyllic building Vietnam

D1 wishes to change this reality and to breathe the soul of ancient Hanoi back into the architecture. The owner of Idyllic Hotel shares the same idea with us, taking from their own experience, they do not want their hotel to be another fast moving construction goods – easy to build, easy to sell and quickly outdated. Idyllic is to be a construction that has long lasting values.

Hotel Idyllic building Vietnam Hotel Idyllic building Vietnam

Design from a wellbeing perspective

Health: sliding the window glass back only 2m2 to make space for the terrace garden has a considerable impact on reducing the air conditioning bill, as the garden relieves the building and its occupants from the heat and stress of the capital city. The sunlight that enters the room through the garden is very gentle and soothing.

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam building design

Maintaining connection with nature: D1 installed an outdoor bath in the terrace garden to allow guests to immerse in nature. A curtain can be pulled to maintain privacy. while retaining its independence, the entire space of the guest room, only 25m2 in total, is kept in connection with the surrounding landscape.

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam building design

Honoring a minimalist approach: Cost optimization was one of the priorities in this project. Every item, every interior element was based on simple, available materials and tailor made for the room size – not too small, not too extravagant, just simple, modest and compact.

Hotel Idyllic building Vietnam

Art & Culture as integral parts of architecture

Working side by side with local artisans: A network of connection with local and national artisans had been mobilised in the construction of the building: Bat Trang Ceramics Village in Hanoi, Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village in Danang City, and local wood handicraft villages…this has been D1’s strategy since its establishment to collaborate with local artisans to preserve traditional arts and embed Vietnamese culture into each design. With this approach we continuously preserve traditional arts, while modernising their designs, in order to keep local craft villages in competition with other suppliers in the market.

Hotel Idyllic infinity pool design

Connecting with the local art scene: the reception hall in the ground floor serves as the main exhibition space for young Vietnamese artists to impress visitors with their artworks. This is one of the contributions D1 makes to the capital city, reflecting our commitment to elevating Vietnam’s budding contemporary art community.

The lobby of Hotel Idyllic is to be used as an exhibition space after its completion.

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam building design

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam – Building Information

Project name: Idyllic Htel
Address: 33 Truong Cong Giai Street, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Status of completion: under construction
Site area: 320m2
Gross Floor area: 2245m2
Capacity: 75 rooms (9 floors)

Client: Stonimex Co., Ltd.
Architecture firm: D1 Architectural Studio
Lead Architect: Nguyễn Thanh Tân
Interior Designer: D1 Architectural Studio
Lead Designer: Architect Le Thi Trang
Structural Design: Bui Van Nhut
Electromechanical Design: Lam Ngoc Khoi
Construction supervisor: Nguyen Viet Thang
Lightning consultant: Van My Khanh Co., Ltd.
Contractor: Mộc An Phước Construction – Design – Consultancy

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam bar interior

D1 Architectural Studio
10D Nguyen Thi Minh Khanh Street, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
+84 28 7305 9969
[email protected]

Hotel Idyllic Vietnam Building images / information received 28/270721 from D1 Architectural Studio

Location: Vietnam, south east Asia

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