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a21house, Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City Residence

Residential Building in Vietnam design by a21studĩo architects

24 Jul 2012

House in Ho Chi Minh City

Architects: a21studĩo

Project Description

English (scroll down for Vietnamese):

a21house Ho Chi Minh City property

Here are the owner – designer’s thoughts:
“Every morning, the first thing that I would like to have is drawing first lines in a comfortable and joyful mind. I used to dream of an office-house for not travelling in a frequent traffic-jam and highly polluted place like Hochiminh City.

a21house, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City residence

Within a limited budget, an unusual small non-square shape plot, just took ten minutes to the city central, seems to be the best choice to make the dream come true. The forty square meters polygon plot faced to a public ground, with only one and a half meter width in front, located at the end of a lane, surrounded by other neighbour houses’ tall-walls, are big challenges to design an airy office-house for four employees including a couple with a child.

Standing in this small and cramped space at the first time, instead of reluctantly thinking of green, environmentally sustainable or eco- architecture …, a wild-cage, capturing nature, in which sunlight, wind, rain-water, and trees define human activities, becomes the inspiration of a21 house.

a21house Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Home
photographs : Hiroyuki Oki

Lighting, intentionally directed to thread through the interstices of the floor’s wooden sticks that are installed side-by-side or in different slot depended on functional space, is led from the roof to the ground floor to illuminate the narrowest corners of the house. An open-air space with an averrhoa carambola, located at the acute angle of the house and closely connected to office area, is not only purposely “squared” the office and bed-room area, but also created an opportunity for sun-light, even water-rain and wind to naturally blow in.

Nowadays, every morning, sitting beside the tree with a cup of coffee reflecting glisten leafs in the early morning sun-light, harmonized with soft and gentle melody, I think of the next drawings for on-progress projects.”

a21house Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City House a21house Ho Chi Minh City a21house Ho Chi Minh City Property
photographs : Hiroyuki Oki

Vietnamese text:

Sau đây là chia sẻ của kiến trúc sư đồng thời là chủ nhà: “mỗi buổi sáng thức dậy,tôi muốn được ngồi vẽ những nét đầu tiên trong ngày một cách thoải mái và đầy hân hoan.

tôi mơ ước có 1 chỗ ở cũng là nơi làm việc để không phải di chuyển 1 quãng đường từ nhà đến văn phòng luôn có kẹt xe và bụi bặm ở tp hcm..tôi không nghĩ đến kiến trúc xanh,kiến trúc bền vững hay thân thiện môi trường………..

tôi chỉ muốn a21house như 1 cái chuồng thú:tràn ngập nắng,mưa,nhiều cây xanh,không phân biệt không gian…

và chúng tôi là những con thú trong chuồng,sống tạm bợ nhưng đầy khao khát.”

Vietnamese house Vietnamese Residence
photographs : Hiroyuki Oki

a21house – Building Information

Project Name: a21house
Location: 2/10 Nguyen Huy Luong, ward 14, Binh Thanh district, Hochiminh, Vietnam
Building area: 40 sqm
Materials: brick, wood, concrete, steel, green
Completed: Jan 2012
Company Name: a21studĩo, Bình Thạnh district, Hochiminh city, Vietnam
Introduction: Established in 2009, a small group of designers wishes to bring their conception of life to the surroundings by architecture.

Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki

Ho Chi Minh City House images / information from a21studĩo Architects

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, south east Asia

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