Europan 11, Dreiecksplatz Vienna, Building, Austrian Design

Europan 11 Vienna, Austria : Dreiecksplatz Wien

Viennese Development – proposal : First Prize

15 Dec 2011

Europan 11 Wien

Europan 11 Winner, Austria

Design: Artur Borejszo, Leena Cho, Jason Hilgefort, Andreas Karavanas

EUROPAN 11 WINNER (Vienna, Austria)

Artur Borejszo (PL) – Architect
Leena Cho (US) – Landscape Architect
Jason Hilgefort (US) – Architect & Urbanist
Andreas Karavanas (GR) – Architect & Urbanist

Europan 11 Wien Dreiecksplatz Wien Europan 11 Vienna Dreiecksplatz Vienna
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The proposal of Dreiecksplatz wins the unanimously voted First Prize for Europan 11 in Vienna, Austria. No runner-ups or honorable mentions were selected for this site. The jury comments (excerpt):

“The project gives to the city and the site owner a promising spatial concept which is “robust” enough to be adapted in phases and its respective parts by multiple authors. The quality of the project is the striking simplicity of the idea of the triangular space which is both public space and organizing principle ; it succeeds in linking both sides of the railway without elaborate engineering.

The idea to group three different “landscapes” of housing around this square must be followed because it is their very differences, that ensures a “malleable richness” for the future development. The way how the project deals with the level crossing could trigger new ways of integrating infrastructure in the local tissue: conflict points between different sorts of mobility systems are crucial nowadays. The quality of the winning project is exactly to make a proposition of how to „de-instrumentalize“ the usual spatial regulations. Regarding the benefits of a successful integration the city planning department should explore this innovative concept, finding ways to negotiate its implementation. In this way the project would become a pilot, contributing to necessary transformations of existing planning regulations.”

Full project images & description:

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Project Description (Excerpt):

Located between the Vienna Ring and Vienna Woods, the site embraces the marks of both environment – urban and nature – as a basis for future development. Currently surrounded by houses with a large amount of private green space, what is needed in the site is a generous, quality public space that will invite and sustain diverse groups of community to gather, live and work by. Major forms of transit – bus, tram and bicycle – anchor three corners of the triangle-shaped plaza with an integrated train platform in the middle. Various residential, commercial and social programs both frame and spill out toward the public triangle and support its liveliness. Green space is maximized at all different scales, fostering health, education and social interactions, while each kind of nature – from ‘wild woods’ to herb garden – defines the atmosphere of individual housing zone.

Europan 11 Wien images / information from Leena Cho

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