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Sevastopol Football Stadium Building

Chaika Development, Ukraine – design by Arthur Kupreychuk

18 Nov 2013

Football Stadium in Sevastopol

Location: Black Sea coast, Crimean Peninsula, southern Ukraine

Design: Arthur Kupreychuk

The architectural project of football stadium “Chaika” for FC Sevastopol by Artur Kupriichuk.

FC Sevastopol Football Stadium building Ukraine
images from architect

Due to the rise of the Sevastopol’s football on a more qualitative level, the city was in need of a new stadium, which will also become a new landmark place of Sevastopol.

FC Sevastopol Football Stadium building design

This new Ukraine stadium building will be situated in the market “Chaika”, which was built on the site of the demolished in 1990s stadium “Chaika”.

FC Sevastopol Football Stadium building design Ukraine

The visual concept of the project is based on the trajectory of movement of the wings gulls during flight. Stadium’s canopy is a plume of circling above the fish place on the sea seagulls.

The stadium has a football field and six treadmills, and must hold 12,000 spectators.

Location provides approaches from four different directions.

Sevastopol Stadium Sevastopol Stadium Building Football Stadium Sevastopol
images from architect

Sevastopol Football Stadium images / information from Arthur Kupreychuk

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