Spordtgebouw in Dordrecht Sports Facility

Design: NL Architects. Spordtgebouw is a combined sports facility for three separate schools in the so-called ‘Leerpark’. Traditionally, individual schools have their individual gymnasiums. A higher degree of collectivity of course enhances complexity but sharing also creates added value. During the day the building is dedicated to the schools, but in the evening and weekends it is open to everybody.

Multifunctional Sports Centre Randers, Denmark

Design: Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI. A team lead by architects Elkiær + Ebbeskov and LETH & GORI has been announced as the winner of Randers Municipality and The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sport Facilities’ competition for the Langvang Multifunctional Sports Building. The proposal by E+E and LETH
& GORI was selected after a 2-phased competition.

Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre: NCSEM

Design: B3 Architects. One of the biggest sporting projects to be developed in Sheffield, England, in more than ten years is set to place the city at the heart of the government’s Olympic legacy programme. Plans are being submitted by Sheffield City Trust for a £14m extension and development project incorporating the new National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre.

Taekwondo-Won, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

Taekwondo-Won Building, Republic of Korea, design by Samoo Architects & Engineers. The Taekwondo-Won is established to become a global hub for the education, training, and promotion of Taekwondo, a Korean martial art that combines combat techniques with sports. With over 45million practitioners all around the world, the need for a central hub at the originating country was imminent.

F.3 Fellbach aquatic centre, Pool & Sauna

F.3 Fellbach aquatic centre, neat Stuttgart, Germany, surrounding landscape forms guiding theme for 4a Architekten in shape and design. The new F.3 family and recreational aquatic centre in Fellbach: 4a Architekten have transferred the three separate areas – the sports area with indoor pool and open-air pool, the adventure pool and the sauna world.

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