Duivenvoorde Castle Portrait Pavilion: CoOB

The portrait pavilion in the ballroom of the ancient Duivenvoorde Castle is the centrepiece of the celebration of the museums 50th anniversary. CoOB, a collaboration between architecture firms Office Jarrik Ouburg and Paulien Bremmer Architects, designed the pavilion commissioned by office for cultural innovation Non-Fiction.

Learning from Nature Pavilion Building, Denmark

Learning from Nature Pavilion, Danish Building, Project, Photo, Design, Image Learning from Nature Pavilion 3XN Pavilion in Denmark : Architecture Information 15 Feb 2010 Learning from Nature 3XN showcase pavilion ‘Learning from Nature’, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark Louisiana Pavilion : International Innovation Award The green Pavilion in the Sculpture Park of the Louisiana … Read more

EASA 013 Pavilion: Slovenian Architecture Competition

EASA 013 Pavilion Architecture Contest, Slovenian Architecture Competition, News EASA 013 Architecture Competition : Slovenian Design Contest Design Contest in Slovenia 10 Jun 2013 EASA 013 Pavilion Design Competition Winners EASA 013 Pavilion Architecture competition, Slovenia The committee for the international student competition to select the best solution to build a pavilion on Žužemberk’s main … Read more

Atherstone Market Pavilion Building, Warwickshire

Atherstone Market Pavilion, Sjölander da Cruz Building, England, Architects, Image Atherstone Market Pavilion : Warwickshire Building Atherstone Project – design by Sjölander da Cruz Architects in the Warwickshire, England Atherstone Market Pavilion Building Location: Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK Design: Sjölander da Cruz Architects This innovative design for a glass and oak pavilion in Atherstone is set … Read more

KREOD – Portable Exhibition Space

KREOD is a sustainable, ecological, portable, demountable and multi-functional indoor or outdoor exhibition space. It promotes business, culture, wellbeing, architecture, art and design in multiple locations within the city of London, and act as a positive exercise for all of those involved. The organic form is inspired by nature, resembling a seed.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Frank Gehry Chicago

Millennnium Park Chicago Architecture, Illinois Pavilion Photos, Architects, American Property, US News Jay Pritzker Pavilion Chicago : New Frank Gehry Building Key Contemporary Development in Illinois design by Frank Gehry architect, CA, USA page updated Aug 20, 2016 Jay Pritzker Pavilion Location: Millennium Park – Design: Gehry Partners, LLP Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park, Chicago … Read more