Hangzhou International Expo Center Zhejiang

Hangzhou International Expo Center

Architects: BIAD Office 3A7. The program for Hangzhou International Expo Center include a conference centre, exhibition spaces, restaurants, travel, hotel, commercial, and office spaces, which makes it a truly diverse urban complex.

Storefront IS Hong Kong Events

Storefront IS Hong Kong Event

Storefront for Art and Architecture, in partnership with the Hong-Kong based DESIGN TRUST (an initiative of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design) presents Storefront International Series: Hong Kong (Storefront IS Hong Kong), a three-day series of events that discuss contested issues in contested sites across the city.

Guilin Wanda Cultural Tourism Exhibition Center

Guilin Wanda Cultural Tourism Exhibition Center

Design: TengYuan Design Institute Co. In this project, we hope to establish a linkage between architecture and nature as well as architecture and culture in a simple and plain way. Just as art and literature both have sketches, this project is a construction sketch to some extent.