Solivella townhouse property in Tarragona, Costa Dorada home interior, 2BMFG arquitectes Spanish architecture photos

Solivella Townhouse Property, Tarragona

13 November 2021

Casa Travé

Architects: 2BMFG arquitectes

Location: Solivella, Conca de Barberà, province of Tarragona, north east Spain

Casa Travé – Solivella Townhouse in Tarragona, Costa Dorada

Solivella townhouse property, province of Tarragona home

Photos by Simón García

Solivella Townhouse Property, Tarragona, Costa Dorada

The townhouse is located in the outskirts of Solivella, a municipality in the Conca de Barberà region, which is in the province of Tarragona.

The existing building, which only occupied one part of the plot, had to be demolished due to its poor condition. However, the stone from the original walls was salvaged and reused in the facades and the main wall of the new building.

Province of Tarragona home swimming pool

The client and architects decided to design a home that was as sustainable as possible, i.e. with minimal energy demand and consumption.

In order to make a nearly zero-energy building (NZEB), the design of the house was based on passive building standards, which include the self-production of energy, superinsulation and a ventilation system with heat and moisture recovery.

Solivella Townhouse Property interior design Spain

The specific interventions to help achieve excellent energy efficiency were:

• Heat production with solar panels and a recuperator in the chimney
• Heat distribution via underfloor heating (low temperature)
• Ventilation and cooling via Canadian wells (air supply of 16–18 ºC all year long)
• Use of rainwater for swimming pool and the lawn (less water consumption)
• Insulation of building’s entire perimeter with rock wool between 10 cm and 16 cm thick
• Lighting exclusively with LEDs
• Carpentry with thermal bridge break and adjustable blinds to avoid the greenhouse effect

Solivella Townhouse Property - Province of Tarragona residence stairs interior design

The layout was designed so that the rooms used during the day (kitchen, living room, dining room) as well as the three bedrooms could face southeast and have a view of the backyard. The utility rooms, bathrooms, the studio and the garage all face northwest, i.e. towards the street.

A wall made of the reclaimed stones, which is visible from all the rooms, serves as a vertical divider of the house, separating the most private areas from the service ones. A double space connects the two floors above the front hall, creating a diaphanous relationship that also reaches upwards.

Province of Tarragona modern residence

The northeastern façade of the building, which faces the street, is intentionally hermetic. Its composition is a playful mix of natural stones and Corten flat sheets, giving the façade proportions that resemble those of the other buildings on the street.

By contrast, the southeast façade has large glass openings that establish an immediate relationship to the yard, pool and beyond. A porch provides the yard with shade and serves as the outdoor dining area.

The result is an ultraefficient (AA), welcoming home that is well-integrated into its environment.

Solivella townhouse property interior design

Solivella Townhouse in Tarragona – Building Information

Project Name: Single-family Housing Between Medianeras In Solivella
Architects authors of the work: Carles Gelpí, Àgata Buxadé and Ramon Ferrando of 2BMFG arquitectes
Office website:
E-mail contact office: [email protected]
Project location: Solivella, Tarragona, Spain
Construction term: 2018
Constructed area: (m2) 288.96

Solivella townhouse property in province of Tarragona

Other Participants:
Construction: Construccions Mateu
Structural Calculation: 2BMFG arquitectes slp

Main Brands / Products:
1. Facade material – Reused natural stone / Corten steel
2. Exterior carpentry – Cortizo Aluminum / Supergradhermetic Blinds
3. Flooring – Oak flooring parquet / Saloni porcelain stoneware
4. False ceilings – Pladur
5. Roof – Thermochip + old reused tile

Photo credit: Simón García

Solivella Townhouse property interior design

Vivienda Unifamiliar Entre Medianeras en Solivella – Ficha Técnica

Nombre del Proyecto: Vivienda Unifamiliar Entre Medianeras en Solivella
Arquitectos autores de la obra: Carles Gelpí, Àgata Buxadé i Ramon Ferrando de 2BMFG arquitectes
Sitio Web oficina:
E-mail contacto oficina: [email protected]
Ubicación proyecto: Solivella, Tarragona.
Año término construcción: 2018
Superficie construida: (m2) 288,96
Otros Participantes:
Construcción: Construccions Mateu
Cálculo Estructural: 2BMFG arquitectes slp

Marcas / Productos
Mencionar 4 o 5.
1. Material fachada – Piedra natural reutiliza / Acero corten
2. Carpinterías exteriores – Aluminios Cortizo / Persianas Supergradhermetic
3. Pavimentos – Parquet tarima roble /Gres porcelánico Saloni
4. Falsos techos – Pladur
5. Cubierta – Thermochip + teja antigua reutilizada

ground floor layout:
Costa Dorada home by 2BMFG arquitectes ground floor layout

first floor layout:
Costa Dorada house by 2BMFG arquitectes first floor layout

House designs

Simón García photos :

Solivella Townhouse Property, Tarragona, Costa Dorada images / information received from Simón García arqfoto

Location: Tarragona, Spain, southwestern Europe

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