Castle Winery in Palencia, Spanish Building, Valladolid architecture design images

Castle Winery Palencia, Spain

Wine-making Building in Valladolid, Spain design by Moral Arquitectura

1 Feb 2013

Castle Winery

Location: just north of Valladolid, north west Spain

Design: Fernando Moral Andrés, Moral Arquitectura

‘El tiempo es quien construye esto’ – ‘The time is who builds this one’

Castle Winery Palencia building
photograph : Jorge López Conde

Castle Winery Palencia

Only the time will be who constructs this work that it will never finish.

We are in a population eminently rural, of twenty inhabitants, but with a census strangely multinational. The project develops the reform and adequacy of a “bicentenary” wine vault in restaurant. The ancient underground gallery will be the main dining room and in the new block they arrange the area of bar, kitchens and the auxiliary dependences.

The performance thinks about how to construct the sensations continuity between all the spaces of the complex. The hill that lodges the work is formed in its entirety by ground, extremely compact which brown rock that contributes an ideal energy conditions.

Castle Winery Palencia Castle Winery Palencia Castle Winery Palencia Castle Winery Palencia
photographs : Jorge López Conde

The old vault was excavated and carved completely to hand, being it is made determinant in the whole process. In the contemporary building concrete was used dying with a finished one extremely worked in all its surface. Inside the same one there were fixed strips of poor wood, seen and destined to rot, capturing thus passing really of the days… The previous intuitions have wanted to be constructed.

The result only has been possible with the continuous, exhaustive and experimental work along the whole execution. Any fact in-situ, we all have used the hands (do it yourself!), also the owners have intervened in all the phases, even the chemistry … But the work ownes to the ground, which generates it and protects it. A hard, firm, serious matter… marked by the pressure, the climate and the time.

CASTLE WINERY / Palencia (Spain) / The Way of Saint James Film on Vimeo

CASTLE WINERY, Palencia, spain / The Way of Saint James / Arch: Fernando Moral – / Video: JorgeLópezConde from Jorge Lopez Conde

– El tiempo es quien construye esto
The time is who builds this one

– Un lugar perdido, un lugar real
A lost place, a real place

– Un Camino siempre abierto.
There is a Way that is always open

– Es el trabajo de una familia, de unas personas, de una vida
It is a family work, a personal option, a life story

– La obra se debe a la tierra
This Project belongs to ground

– Sólo la mano transformó el interior de la colina
Only the hand transformed the inside of the hill

– La galería vieja ya estaba ahí, siempre estuvo ahí
The ancient gallery was already there. It was always there

– El proyecto busca definir una secuencia de sensaciones
This project thinks about how to define a sensations sequence

Planta situacion x 2 ; Planta ; Seccion:
Location plans ; Plan ; Section:
Castle Winery Palencia Castle Winery Palencia Castle Winery Palencia Castle Winery Palencia
images : Moral Arquitectura

Castle Winery Palencia – Building Information

Denominación / Name: bodega EL CASTILLO
Ubicación / Location: “Camino de Santiago” – Moratinos (Palencia)
Cliente / Client: Bodega El Castillo de Moratinos, C.B. (Esteban Velasco – José María Velasco)
Fechas / Duration: 2010-11, proyecto/project ; 2011-12 desarrollo/developed
Arquitecto / Architect: Fernando Moral Andrés
Aparejador / Quantity surveyor: José Luis Sánchez Rodríguez
Estructuras / Structures: Moncova
Colaboradores / Collaborators: Teresa Gómez, Fernando P. Borrego, Javier Ramos, Antonio Moral, Miguel Ángel Moral, Javier Sancho, Alexis S. Verpont
Obra / Construction: Javier Vega, Miguel Alonso, Alfonso Alonso, Secundino González, Tino Díez
Video + Fotógrafo / Photographer: Jorge López-Conde WWW.LOPEZCONDE.COM

Castle Winery Palencia images / information from Moral Arquitectura Architects

Location: Palencia, Spain, southwestern Europe

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