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BIC Store Shanghai : Wholesale Shop Building China

Shanghai Retail Development, China – design by Beijing Matsubara and Architects

10 Aug 2012

BIC Wholesale Store Shanghai

Design: Beijing Matsubara and Architects

BIC Store Shanghai

The confined store design that emphasizes the depth of the space.

It’s the interior design for the first wholesales store in China of French stationary company, “BiC”.

BIC Wholesale Store Shanghai BIC Wholesale Shop Shanghai Chinese Retail Building Chinese Retail Building
images from architects

The site is located in the Chinese typical wholesale market building. The space is crowded with stationary wholesale stores. There are a lots of similar size stores, thereby the eye-catching façade and the storage space for tons of wholesale stocks were the key of the design for this project.

We put the shelves on the both side walls for the enough storage space, and install angled orange walls between each shelves for avoiding the view from the entrance. Radial arrangement of shelves emphasizes the depth of the space, and makes customers focus on the orange walls that exhibit BiC products and products on them. The wall in the end was covered with mirror and reducing the oppressive feeling of the confined store space.

Once coming into the store, the shelves that are not seen from the entrance since they are behind of the tilted orange walls. Their products, mainly pens, are displayed on the orange walls with different way.

And in the centre of this store, there is a cloud-shaped counter which has different levels. This counter exhibits products and has cash resister also. The same shape hanged ceiling is illuminated with rainbow colored acrylic tubes.

In the shop façade, the sign of their logo “BiC” and the rainbow colored lightings are installed as the eye-catching factor.

For avoiding the smallness of the store space, the visual effects of the tilted walls and the mirrors emphasize the depth of the space.

BIC Shanghai Shop BIC Shanghai Store BIC Shop Shanghai Chinese Retail Store
images from architects

BIC Shop Shanghai – Building Information

Project name: BIC Wholesale Store in Shanghai
Design: Beijing Matsubara and Architects
Architect: Hironori MATSUBARA, Satoshi YAMADA
Address: Rm 1028, South BLD, No. 520 Hutai Rd, Shanghai, China
Total floor area: 40 sqm
Design period: Nov 2011 – Jan 2012
Construction period: Mar 2012 – Apr 2012
Completion: Jun 2012
Client: BIC Service

Photographs: Nacasa and Partners (Eiichi Kano)

BIC Shanghai Store images / information from Beijing Matsubara and Architects

Location: No. 520 Hutai Rd, Shanghai, China

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