Miele Gallery, Vitacura Building, Santiago de Chile

Miele Gallery Vitacura, Santiago de Chile Design, Nueva Costanera Avenue Shop Miele Gallery, Santiago de Chile : Vitacura Building New Architecture, South America design by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados 27 Aug 2011 Nueva Costanera Avenue, Vitacura Santiago de Chile, Chile Date built: 2011 Design: Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados Arquitectos Miele Gallery Chosen by … Read more

Wall House Residence, Santiago de Chile House

Wall House Residence, Chile Home, Building Project Photos, Design News, Property Images Wall House Residence in Chile Residential Development in Santiago de Chile, South America- design by Frohn & Rojas: Architecture page updated 21 Aug 2016 Wall House Residence Santiago de Chile Location: Santiago de Chile Dates built: 2004-07 Architects : FAR frohn&rojas Photos © … Read more

Santiago Fire Station Building, Architect

Santiago Building, Architect, Photos, Design, Property, Location, Image Santiago Fire Station : Architecture Fire Station by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados, Chile page updated 21 Aug 2016 The 18 Fire Station Location: Vitacura Design: Gonzalo Mardones Viviani & Asociados Arquitectos 18th Fire Station Vitacura, Santiago, Chile The 18th Fire Station of Vitacura is located strategically … Read more

Pioneer Chile Headquarters Casablanca, Chile

Casablanca Headquarters, Architect, Photos, Paine factory, Images, Arquitectos Pioneer Chile HQ : Enrique Browne Arquitectos Contemporary Office Building in Chile, South America page updated 21 Aug 2016 Pioneer Chile Headquarters Architect: Enrique Browne Location: Paine, south of Santiago Pioneer Chile S.A. Headquarters PIONEER is dedicated to the production and commercialization of seeds. Their chilean factory … Read more

Paul Harris Street House, Chile

Casablanca Home, Architect, Photos, Arquitectos, Residential Architecture, Image Paul Harris Street House, Chile : Enrique Browne Arquitectos Contemporary House in Santiago, Chile, South America page updated 21 Aug 2016 House in Paul Harris Street Architect: Enrique Browne ABSTRACT The terrain is long in N-S orientation. In the background there are majestic trees that look like … Read more

Los Conquistadores Street Office, Casablanca

Los Conquistadores Street Office building Chile

Santiago Office, Architect, Photos, Arquitectos, Project, Design, Images Los Conquistadores Street Office : Enrique Browne Contemporary Office Building in Santiago, Chile, South America page updated 21 Aug 2016 Los Conquistadores Street Office Santiago Architect: Enrique Browne Offices in Los Conquistadores Street, Santiago ABSTRACT A simple house was remodeled, installing in it a reception area, meeting … Read more

Broadway Malyan Acquires Chile Practice

Design: Broadway Malyan Acquires Chile Practice, Santiago Architects Development, Chilean Architecture Broadway Malyan Acquires Chile Architecture Practice Santiago Architects Development 5 Aug 2013 Broadway Malyan Chilean Practice Location: Santiago, Chile Broadway Malyan acquires leading Chile-based architecture practice Global architecture, urbanism and design practice Broadway Malyan has acquired Antonio Prado Arquitectura Commercial, an 11-strong architecture and … Read more

World Green Center: Santiago Project, Chile

World Green Center, Santiago Business District Project, Chile Development, Chilean Architecture World Green Center, Chile Santiago Building Project – design by cCe Arquitectos 8 Jul 2013 Santiago Business District Development Design: cCe Arquitectos Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile World Green Center Chile Certain factors, such as the Business District site in relation to the city, connecting roads, … Read more

Indigo Hotel Chile Building: Índigo Patagonia Hotel

Índigo Patagonia Hotel, Architect, Photos, South American Accommodation Design, Property, Location, Image Indigo Hotel Chile : Architecture Contemporary Accommodation Building in Chile, South America – design by Sebastián Irarrázaval architects page updated 21 Aug 2016 Indigo Hotel Chile Design: Sebastián Irarrázaval, architects NAME OF THE PROJECT: Índigo Patagonia Hotel Date: 2007 ARCHITECT: Sebastián Irarrázaval Photos: … Read more

Iglesia Villa Maria, Casablanca School Chapel

Santiago Chapel, Architect, Photos, Church, Images, Arquitectos, School, Design Iglesia Villa Maria – Santiago Chapel, Chile Contemporary Religious Building in Santiago, Chile, South America page updated 21 Aug 2016 Villa Maria School Chile Date built: 1996 Design: Enrique Browne Arquitectos Photograps: Guy Wenborne and Enrique Browne ABSTRACT The Villa María School, built towards the end … Read more

Farmacias Ahumada, Distribution Centre Chile

Farmacias Ahumada, Distribution Centre, Architect, Photos, Location, Design Farmacias Ahumada Distribution Centre : Chile Building Contemporary Building by Guillermo Hevia H, Chile, South America page updated 21 Aug 2016 Farmacias Ahumada Distribution Centre Chile LOGISTIC AND DISTRIBUTION CENTER “FARMACIAS AHUMADA S.A” FIRST PROJECT OF BIOCLIMATIC ARCHITECTURE IN CHILE Farmacias Ahumada Distribution Centre, Calle Los Vientos … Read more