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Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo, Brazil

20 April 2023

Retrofit Of The Bravo Paulista Building Took The Challenge Of Rehabilitating, Recycling And Recreating The Building’s Life Cycle

Architect: Dal Pian Arquitetos

Location: Santos Avenue / Paulista Avenue, SP, Brasil, South America

Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo

Photos by Nelson Kon unless stated otherwise

Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo, SP, Brasil

São Paulo, 2023 – Located at the region of “Jardins” in São Paulo city the retrofit of Bravo Paulista has challenged this architecture practice to transform, to value and to give a new infrastructure to an existing office building. Its implantation, perpendicular to Santos Avenue, composes in sequence to Scarpa Building on Paulista Avenue.

Paulista Avenue SP property
photograph : Pedro Mascaro

The Ground floor of those two buildings shelter commercial spaces, which are accessed through a linear and public path for pedestrians that connects these two important ways.

Santos Avenue / Paulista Avenue, SP office Paulista Avenue office building SP

The intervention in the building was full. A new casing in its base gives a new meaning to its urban presence. Also, new materials to both the interior and exterior of the property, new elements which gives solar protection and a full reformulation to its technical infrastructures and communications, allows its spaces to respond to its needs to occupation and use through new works relationships ahead.

Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo


To ensure the building to its new needs of occupation and to contribute to its increase of internal quality ambient, Dal Pian Arquitetos prioritized passive and bioclimatic strategies, to improve the natural cooling and lighting, achieving good control of the direct solar incidence.

Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo

Dal Pian Arquitetos stablished a new external volumetric, which values and highlights the building, adding to its base and to its body new “shells” to provide solar protection and climatic control.

Paulista Avenue SP property
photograph : Pedro Mascaro

In the building´s base, the windows, with their openings amplified, are protected by a “bioclimatic shell”, highlighting the facades. Composed of a metal structure fixed to the facades of the original building, it supports aluminum panels with random perforations, which does not interfere with the visual perspectives provided by the workspaces. This system when lights on at night composesa sort of “lacy” of strong architectural expression that emphasizes the building within its surrounds.

Paulista Avenue SP property
photo : Pedro Mascaro

The body of the tower receives, in its front and back facades, an environmental protection in horizontal aluminum profiles that, also fixed to metallic structure detached from these facades, visually unify the building.The new and amplified windows, have glasses with high-level thermic achievement and low solar reflection, expand the views, and promotes natural and cross ventilation highlighting the building.

Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo

Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo – Building Information

Name: Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit
Place: São Paulo, SP
Year of project: 2020
Completion of the work: 2022
Terrain Area: 976 m²
Built Area: 7,915 m²

Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo

Architecture and interiors: Dal Pian Arquitetos
Construction: PHL Engenharia
Structure: Modus Engenharia
Frames design: Arqmate
Hydraulics and Electrics: Ramoska & Castellani
Air Conditioning: Thermoplan
Lighting: Senzi Lighting
Automation and Security: Bettoni
Waterproofing: Impersolutions
Landscaping: Roncato Landscape Architecture
Artistic Mural: Andrés Sandoval
Cadastral Survey: HZ Engenharia
Approvals Consulting: Real Estate in Fact
Accessibility: Pimenta Associados
Reports and Expertise: Britez e Ensaios
LEED Consultancy and Commissioning: Straub e Junqueira

Paulista Avenue SP property
photo : Pedro Mascaro


Horizontal Brises and Random Perforation Panels: Sulmetais
External Coatings: Placo – Glassroc – and Ibratin
Carpentry: BCAF Marcenaria

Photos: Nelson Kon and Pedro Mascaro (drone)

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Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo, SP images / information received 190423 from Dal Pian Arquitetos

Location: São Paulo, SP, Brasil, South America

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