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Palazzo Venezia Roma

Historic Architecture in the Italian Capital City: Roman building photographs, Italy, Europe

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Palazzo Venezia

Piazza Venezia
Location: city centre, just west of the large Monument to Victor Emmanuel II.

Palazzo Venezia Rome Building

The balcony facing the square is infamous for the Benito Mussolini speech towards the end of the Second World War.

This historic building in the Italian capital contains San Marco.

In 1910, due to the erection of the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, the Italian Government enlarged the Piazza Venezia and built a replica of the Palazzo Venezia in yellow brick on the opposite side of the square. This building hosts now the offices of the Assiscurazioni Generali di Venezia.

Palazzo d. Ass. Gen. Di Venezia

Palazzo d. Ass. Gen. Di Venezia Palazzo Venezia Rome Palazzo Venezia

Opposite famous Palazzo Venezia

Formerly known as the Palace of St. Mark, this palace in central Rome, Italy, is located just north of the Capitoline Hill.

The original structure of this great architectural complex consisted of a modest medieval house intended as the residence of the cardinals appointed to the church of San Marco. In 1469 it became a residential papal palace, having undergone a massive extension, and in 1564, Pope Pius IV, to win the sympathies of the Republic of Venice, gave the mansion to the Venetian embassy to Rome on the terms that part of the building would be kept as a residence for the cardinals, the Apartment Cibo, and that the republic would provide for the building’s maintenance and future restoration. The palace faces Piazza Venezia and Via del Plebiscito. It currently houses the National Museum of the Palazzo Venezia.

In late 2010 Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini’s unfinished “most secret” bunker was discovered beneath the building.

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Location: Rome, Italy

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