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Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti

Luxury Contemporary Maritime design by Fernando Romero, FR-EE

5 Nov 2017

Se77antasette yacht for Benetti by Fernando Romero, FR-EE

Design: Fernando Romero, FR-EE

Benetti And Romero Present Se77antasette: Dare To Be Different

Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti

Se77antasette concept yacht design for Benetti

Se77antasette is the first concept yacht designed for Benetti by award-winning international designer Fernando Romero. Premiered at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show, Se77antasette embodies Benetti’s spirit of innovation, design, technology and handcraftsmanship.

Benetti, in an exclusive partnership with designer Fernando Romero, one of the world’s most influential architects and famed for his high-profile civil projects, premieres the innovative Se77antasette concept yacht at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show.

Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti

Precisely 77 meters long, Se77antasette breaks away from the traditional concept of yachts that subscribe to a rigid horizontal order, featuring a revolutionary design in which flowing lines are combined with complex structures that draw their inspiration from the marine habitat, creating harmonious connections between all decks, design features, and surrounding environment.

Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti

Visually, this dynamic union between decks creates a single body that seems carved into the structure of the boat, offering original spatial proportions that enhance the close relationship between nature and the sea.

This type of design also draws on the use of highly advanced technology that can be found firstly in the innovative layout of the navigation systems and of the propulsion system. The radar equipment, which is usually in full view on top of the yacht, is totally integrated and invisible here. Benetti’s engineers have worked with leading aerospace and marine suppliers to devise a totally new way to hide the navigation equipment inside a glass dome, without compromising the control of the yacht and the safety of the owner, their guests and the crew.

With regards to propulsion, the final configuration is made with 5 variable speed Caterpillar generators that allow the use of the full power available from the diesel engine as the speed is not limited to any rpm, and hence the required space is reduced. With this configuration, it was possible to keep the entire engine room on only one level, the under lower deck, allowing the lower deck to be completely dedicated to accommodation.

Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti

An extremely satisfied Vincenzo Poerio, Benetti CEO, in his comments on this latest challenge, stressed “the decidedly innovative essence of this project, born from a perfect union between the two different worlds of yachting and civil architecture; the major difficulty was to make an already excellent product even better. If the shipyard’s identity is recognised universally as a sophisticated luxury product, then the Se77antasette elevates yachting to a higher dimension than we have ever seen before, drawing on Romero’s skill and Benetti’s know-how”.

Se77antasette stands out for the extreme adaptability of its spaces according to the needs of life on board. The stern entry deck, with three complete openings, is transformed into a huge terrace that overlooks the surrounding sea, becoming an exclusive spa area dedicated entirely to rest and relaxation.

The ability to open up and embrace the sea or remain a closed, intimate space makes this one of the most exclusive areas on board. Here guests can relax in the freshwater swimming pool and have a massage, or alternatively use it as a gym or a place to work in a relaxing environment. Designed to cater to the needs of the businessman, the yacht also lends itself perfectly to conducting business, and an area has been set aside for this purpose with a 270-degree view of the sea, where the owner can organise events, presentations, or private meetings.

Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti

The central area on the Se77antasette, with a double-height space in the heart of the ship and a visual link between each deck, opens up to create spaces that are unprecedented for most yachts of this size. Depending on its use, the saloon can be fully transformed into an open dining area for breakfast with all the family, into a screening room, into a theatre or into a dancefloor with a strobe light disco ball in the middle and a DJ station for partying with friends.

Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti

The master suite on the Se77antasette, situated in the forward area of the main deck, is a 100-square-meter apartment, plus 140 square meters of private outdoor space to enjoy in complete seclusion. Inside there are plans for a hi-tech studio/office to stay connected from anywhere in the world. The made-to-measure wooden bed is situated in the center of the room, with sofas on either side and a walk-in wardrobe. The large marble bathroom has a view of the sea and private shower and toilet rooms. The terrace in the bow is furnished with comfortable sofas and even has a private 1.5 meter deep swimming pool. The space is also equipped with a floor lifting system that transforms it into a heliport to land and take off.

The two VIP cabins and four guest cabins are on the lower deck.
The first two, with walk-in wardrobe and his & her bathroom, have a full-height sliding glass panel that provides access to the private terrace, fitted with a telescopic system. The guest accommodation, on the other hand, is in the center of the ship and it too has a glass panel fitted with a sinusoidal structure that can act as a seat and table, offering a view of the sea like no other.

New luxury boat design by Fernando Romero, FR-EE

The observatory, on the upper deck, is the best hidden and most intimate space on Se77antasette. It consists of 8.5 m long glass slabs on which severe stress tests have been performed to guarantee their strength. The uprights contain air conditioning ducts to keep the temperature and humidity constantly under control, while at night the dome can be used as an augmented reality screen, controlled by voice commands and movement sensors, so to always be informed on the position of the hull and a breathtaking view of the starry sky.

Luxury boat design by Fernando Romero, FR-EE

77 meters long and 14.20 meters wide. It will be fitted with 5 variable speed Caterpillar generators, 4xC32 (1048 ekW @ 2300 rpm) and one C18 (563 ekW @ 2100 rpm) coupled with two twin counter-rotating screws pods (1700kw each), driven by permanent magnet motors. The variable speed generators allow the use of the full power available from the diesel engine and in addition requires less space in the engine room. Another advantage of the variable speed generators is the efficiency in sharing loads through the various operational modes (cruise, anchor…). This power flexibility allows to get lower exhaust emissions. The propulsion system delivers a top speed of 16 knots and a range of 5,000 miles at 12 knots, and welcome up to 12 guests on board, with accommodation for 19 crew members on the lower deck.

Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti design by Fernando Romero, FR-EE

Fernando Romero, founder of FR-EE, commented: “Settantasette is the result of analyzing the DNA of Benetti and thinking further on the possibilities that new technologies have enabled, allowing us to create an entirely new yachting experience…the sinuous lines and contiguous spaces have engendered a seamless and sophisticated ecosystem of programs and connectivity. This extraordinary collaboration has seen FR-EE and Benetti successfully merge our collective expertise to realize a state-of-the art superyacht, a new craft for the 21st century.”

Se77antasette concept yacht for Benetti

Benetti was established in 1873, making it the oldest Italian builder of motor yachts and an icon of timeless Italian styling and construction excellence. Each yacht is unique and built around the Owner’s needs and desires. Benetti designs, builds and markets three product lines: “Class” composite yachts from 30 to 42 meters, “Custom” steel and aluminium yachts from 45 to 90 meters, and “Giga” for yachts over 90 meters in length. Benetti employs about 1,000 highly skilled specialists at its two production sites, Livorno and the headquarter in Viareggio. Benetti also has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Dubai, Hong Kong and London. Benetti is part of Azimut Benetti Group, the world’s largest luxury nautical group with privately held capital.

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