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Tomar Hill House

Residential Development, New Portugal Property design by Contaminar Arquitectos

8 Oct 2014

Design: Contaminar Arquitectos

Tomar Hill House

Tomar Hill House

Photos by Fernando Guerra FG+SG

Tomar Hill House, Portugal

In-between the mountain landscape, we can discover the Tomar Hill House, designed by Contaminar Arquitectos. From the slope it is possible to contemplate the Castelo de Bode dam and all the magnificent surrounding landscape. Avast landscape marked by the tones of earth and pinewood.

Tomar Hill House

The Tomar Hill House is designed as a holiday’s accommodation for two brothers. It feels as it comes out from the land, merging with it, through the chromatic palette chosen, where the same tones were worked. The North elevation, more discreet, is half-buried. The other elevations are not buried but follow the terrain’s morphology.

At South and West, the house opens to the landscape. A system of shutters controls the aperture, contemplating the surroundings or closing it. Made out of metal sheet, the same material that clad the walls where the windows are inserted, when closed they give the house the appearance of an impenetrable black massive.

Tomar Hill House

The main entrance door, a discrete element diluted in the North façade, is cladded with stoneware tiles, the same material used on the outside of the house, making it difficult to recognize.

Tomar Hill House

The interior space is organized along two wings, for each familiar nucleus, around a central area that is common to the two families. It is from this space with more social characteristics – where the entry, kitchen and living room are – that the house develops, in the form of a stylized S. The living room and the kitchen are one unique space, marking the family reunion. The kitchen is “stowed” inside the walls and the only part standing out is the large worktop and dining table in the centre.

Tomar Hill House

Here, it is possible to contemplate the green surroundings through a large opening in the wall. The facing porch also allows the extension of the room’s interior space to the outside, without losing its privacy, to enjoy the quiet and the sun of the Summer’s long afternoons.

Tomar Hill House

This common space has a linear path on the North, allowing access to the house’s more intimate areas. In the East side, closer to the kitchen, a small ramp directs for two rooms and a toilet. In the West side, closer to the living room, a similar program is developed for the other brother’s family.

Tomar Hill Residence in Portugal – Building Information

Architects: Contaminar Arquitectos
Location: Tomar, Portugal
Architects in Charge: Joel Esperança, Ruben Vaz
Designer: Romeu Sousa
Collaboration: Frederico Louçano, Margarida Carrilho, Hugo Rainho
Area: 211.0 sqm
Project Year: 2013

Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Tomar Hill House

Tomar Hill House images / information from Contaminar Arquitectos

Location: Tomar, Portugal, southwestern Europe

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