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The Pop-Up Hotel, New York

American Office Space Transformation into Accommodation – Design by PinkCloud.dk

May 23, 2013

New York Apartment

Design: PinkCloud.dk

Location: Manhattan, NY, USA

Manhattan’s Midtown is in a real estate crisis. Office vacancies are high, rents have been plummeting, and tenants are moving to New Jersey. A combination of outdated building stock, the economic recession, and a lack of amenities in the neighborhood have transformed Midtown from a vibrant business hub into an area of post-recession decline. Class A office vacancies have been stagnant at around twenty-two percent for the past five years. This translates to about 17 million square feet of empty space in Midtown.

Pop-Up Hotel Manhattan

Pop-Up Hotel Manhattan

Pop-Up Hotel Manhattan

Pop-Up Hotel Manhattan
images from architect

The design of the Pop-Up Hotel focuses on the transformation of empty Class A office spaces into hospitality spaces. The setup is simple. We intend to partner with various owner/leasing agencies around Midtown to identify buildings in need of revitalization. A uniquely urban experience, the Pop-Up hotel will feature a variety of amenities and rooms catering to a wide diversity of clientele. All the parts needed to outfit a hotel for a week is trucked onto site and set up. Reservations are taken and parties are held. The office building receives much needed publicity, the hotel is taken down after four weeks and the kit of parts moves on to the next office building to occupy. Revenue is generated and shared amongst the hotel operators and building ownership.

The Pop-up Hotel offers a completely customizable alternative to the traditional hotel experience. At its core, it is designed to be a means of urban revitalization, an economic catalyst, as well as an active community partner. The focus of the Pop-Up Hotel is to optimize the user experience. In a culture where the smart phone is ubiquitous, extending the powerful tools of user interface and customization to the built environment has the potential to create a vibrant, continually self-refreshing social condition that was never-before possible. We strongly believe the Pop-Up Hotel to be a transformative experience for both the building and more importantly, the hotel guests.

Pop-Up Hotel images / information from PinkCloud.dk

Location: Manhattan, New York City, USA

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