Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize Winners News, Russian Architecture Contest 2020

Moscow Metro Competition 3rd Prize Winners

7 Oct 2020

Moscow Metro International Competition 3rd Prize

Design: AI and Nowadays

Location: Moscow, Russia

AI / Nowadays consortium 3rd Prize Winner in an international competition for a metro station in Moscow, Russia.

Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize

Consortium of London-based practice Architects of Invention (AI) and Nowadays of Moscow has submitted a design proposal for Metro Station. 5 teams were shortlisted to enter an international competition.

Station “Prospect Marshal Zhukov”

Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize

The Idea
The station design is based on a consistent repetition of round sectors that make up the column that frame the platform. They combine an architectural element, engineering systems (ventilation) and a light source.

Columns remind of various telescopic devices and products – antennas, mechanical “legs” of construction or space vehicles. It is a dedication to the mechanistic, retro-futuristic beauty of Moscow underground.

Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize

Light and color
Blue, red and silver make up the palette of the project. The prevailing blue on the platform, combined with red, lends the space a sporty vitality. The soft silver light poured into the underground lobby creates a clean space in which it is equally pleasant to find yourself, both at the beginning and at the end of the path.

Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize

Design Consistency
The entire design of the station is based on the repetition of a single element – a thin aluminum tube. From the walls of the underground vestibule along the escalators, it descends onto the columns of the platform and turns into a giant pipe of the underground station.

All parts of the station are subject to a single color logic. Red accents accompany all parts of the station, from the outdoor pavilion to the platform. The outdoor pavilion is dominant blue with red accents; the lobby is an all-white and silver space with red accents; the station hall is a kind of culmination – an active combination of blue, red and white.

The Space
46 identical columns create an impressive space united by a single technique. A row of columns reproduces the image of mechanical sliding legs that go down and merge with the white floor. The contact points of the elements are highlighted with red light. The color design is based on the gradual transition from dark blue to light silver-white, from top to bottom, which seems to dissolve the columns in space as they approach the floor.

Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize

3rd Prize Winners Moscow Metro Competition – Building Information

Status: Competition Entry – 3rd Prize Winer
Competition name: Moscow Metro International Competition
Location: Prospect Zhukova, Moscow, Russia
Gross Build Area: 700 sqm
Budget: £4 mil
Stories: 2
Structure: combined steel & concrete
Programme: entrance pavilion, ticket hall, escalators, station hall & platform
Client: Center Agency, Moscow Metropolitan
Consultants: Yarko-Yarko (Lighting Design)
London AI team: Nikoloz Japaridze, Ruth Sullivan, Nikoloz Gurabanidze, Giorgi Khetsuriani,
Moscow Nowadays team: Natalia Mastalerz, Nata Tatunashvili, Alena Grandkina, Dina Khodunova

Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize


Architects of invention

Moscow Metro Design Competition Winners information / image received 070920

Location: Moscow, Russia

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