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Montenegrian Pavilion : Milan Expo 2015

Italian Conceptual Project design by Nevenka + Ivana Rajkovic

15 May 2013

Milan Pavilion Expo 2015 Concept

Design: Nevenka + Ivana Rajkovic

Location: Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Montenegrian Pavilion Concept for Expo 2015

Spaces like pavilions are made to present a certain idea or phenomenon. They are supposed to present the philosophy, the progress and the goal of that idea. Design team tried to fulfill all these conditions, and put them in harmony with the theme of Expo 2015, in order to make a conceptual design for Montenegrian pavilion.

Montenegrian Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 Montenegrian Pavilion Milan Expo 2015
images from architects


Concept of the Pavilion is characterized by two volumens: outer-the box and inner-the irregular geometric form. With its shape, the inner form awakens the memories of morphology of Montenegrian mountains. That morphology of the terrain is the cause for diversity and richness of customs, mentality, climate, and nutrition habits. These diversities are so special and rich, and they can present Montenegro to the world, in the whole new way.

Spatial organisation of pavilion

The pavilion is organized in a very simple way. In the entrance area of the pavilion, there is the reception desk next to an elevator, which leads to a gallery (a space for exhibitions, coctails, hang outs, etc.). On the ground floor there is a restaurant with the kitchen, and the commercial space. Staff rooms are placed next to the elevator.

Montenegrian Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 Montenegrian Pavilion Milan Expo 2015
images from architects


The whole interior is designed as a spatialy modified segment of well known Montenegrian landscape, which clearly allows you to presume what you can expect if you visit this country.

In design, spaces are abstracted into basic geometric shapes. This form, supported by visual projections on its sides, provides better perception of the atmosphere in Montenegro.

This interior, as a powerful association, is widely open to viewers from the outside. It is also possible to organize an exhibition inside the pavilion.

This inner form has a thin, transparent square envelope. With this concept the inner space is, in the same time, the outer space. In that way, the atmosphere and the changing projections can be seen from both – the outside and the inside.


The envelope of the pavilion is made of high transparency glass, and three-dimensional steel construction. „Broken“ form of the interior is made of steel construction and fabric, so the structure looks like huge paper model. The white areas are ideal for visual projections, that are visible from many different angles. It’s predicted that the pavilion’s materials are completely recyclable, and can be dismantled and reinstalled in its entirety elsewhere.

Montenegrian Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 information / images received from Nevenka + Ivana Rajkovic

Location: Milan, Lombardy, northern Italy

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