Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur Building, Malaysia Residential Design Images, Architect

Arté Mont Kiara Residential Project Kuala Lumpur

26 August 2021

Location: Arté MK, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Design: SPARK Architects

Arté MK超高层住宅酒店综合体设计

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

Photos by Heartpatrick

Arté Mont Kiara Residential Property in Kuala Lumpur


Over the last 10 years, Mont Kiara has transformed from a predominantly low rise neighbourhood into a vibrant urban quarter with a skyline that rivals many cities. With thousands of square metres of office and retail space, new apartments, and public space all part of a 75.5 acre development which features MITEC a recently completed trade and exhibition hub many now call it the combined development the “Jewel” of the KL metropolis.

在过去的10年间,Mont Kiara满家乐从一个以低层建筑为主的社区转变成为充满活力的城市街区,其天际线可与诸多大城市媲美。数万平方米的办公、零售空间、新公寓和公共空间是其75.5英亩开发项目中的一部分,其中近期竣工的MITEC是马来西亚贸易和展览中心,现在被当地人称为吉隆坡大都会的 “宝石”。

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

Arté MK (Mont Kiara) designed by SPARK Architects is a cluster of 3 towers. 2 residential towers and a hotel tower that sit at the gateway to KL’s new “Metropolis” .

由SPARK思邦设计的Arté MK(Mont Kiara)是由3座塔楼所组成的建筑群。业态包括了两栋住宅塔楼和一座酒店其中2座住宅楼,位于吉隆坡新 “大都市 “起始处。

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

The visionary thinking of the developer Nusmetro was to design an integrated development with iconic spaces for all those who want to live, work, and play in the heart of the city and provide enclosures and structures that extend and connect the amenities together seamlessly with the architecture.


Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

The ambitious 200,000 m2 development features 1600 residential units, retail area at the ground level, and urban living concept designs including gymnasium, pools, garden terraces, restaurants and health facilities with interiors designed by Thomas Chan of Nusmetro in retro French Baroque style.
The “ribs”, the architectural elements of the tower facades were inspired by the pattern of the client’s fingerprint, and provides the project with its unique identity of human DNA.

这项潜力无穷的20万平方米的开发项目设有1600间住宅,地面零售区,以及包括了健身房、游泳池、花园露台、餐厅和健康设施等城市生活概念设计,内部装修由Nusmetro的Thomas Chan设计,采用复古的法国巴洛克风格。作为塔楼外立面的建筑元素 “肋拱 “,其灵感来自于客户的指纹图案,为该项目提供了人类独特的DNA识别身份。

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

The notion of creating a complex of towers, united by a single podium base with entrances and address, retail, car parking and cultural amenities is realised at Arté MK to eschew the usual faceless car parking podiums of SE Asia. Arté MK’s organic podium becomes the building block for the transformation of the user experience and signature of arrival and threshold of Arté MK and the KL metropolis.

Arté MK的设计理念是创造一个由塔楼和裙房组成的综合体,该综合体由一个零售中心、停车场及文化设施的裙房共同组成,从而避免了通常在东南亚缺乏特色的停车场裙房。Arté MK的有机裙楼成为了改变当地居民城市体验的基本要素,并成为吉隆坡大都市的到达和起点的标志。

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

The logic of Arté MK like that of many Asian complexes depends on deftly tying the whole structure directly into the public infrastructure network and densifying the city, rather than occupying ever more “green belt” of the expanding KL suburbs. This is a plus from both an environmental and a social standpoint and no doubt serves to support Nusmetro’s wellness and sustainable objectives.

Arté MK的逻辑与诸多亚洲的综合体相似,其巧妙地将整个建筑的结构直接与公共基础设施网络相连,从而增加了城市的密度,而不是占据吉隆坡郊区不断延伸的 “绿化带”。从环境和社会的角度来看都是一个优点,无疑有助于支持Nusmetro的健康和可持续发展目标。

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

The cluster of 3 towers rise from the 7 storey podium to a maximum of 66 floors. The relatively simple geometry of the tower plans is transformed by the sweeping shapes formed by the finger print ribs as they ascend to the towers. This morphing of the tower forms begins at the podium amenity gardens where the three tower programs interlock as an urban ensemble.


Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

Arté MK was designed specifically for the site context, its image and gateway ambition, and interrogated as to how we could make a memorable interface between the property and the “fast” image of the highways bounding the site.

Arté MK的设计专门针了对场地的环境、形象和未来的愿景,并考虑到我们如何能在该住宅及其周边高速公路的 “飞驰 “形象之间建立一个令人印象深刻的场景。

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

Arté ranks as one of KL’s tallest residential developments with the tower forms making a dramatic statement on the city skyline, its gesture deliberately heroic in its elan.


Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design

The towers all boast panoramic views, a soaring lobbies, and Instagram worthy boutique spaces within its podium, roof terraces, public and private amenities.


Resident services at Arté MK include round-the-clock concierge, housekeeping, florist, 24-hour in-residence catering. Amenity clubs feature lounges, game rooms, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, a 35metre swimming pool, a business suite, and screening rooms.

Arté MK的居民服务包括全天候礼宾服务、家政服务、花店、24小时住宿餐饮服务。休闲俱乐部设有休息室、游戏室、艺术健身中心、35米的游泳池、商务套房及放映室。

Arté MK has become a landmark for KL and used as a backdrop for many regional advertising campaigns.

Arté MK已成为吉隆坡的地标建筑,并被用于许多地区广告拍摄的背景幕布。

Arté MK looks especially wonderful at dusk, when its iridescent illuminated ribs reach to the stars.

黄昏时分当Arté MK流光溢彩的照明肋拱直抵星空时,看起来格外的美妙。

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur building, Malaysia Arté MK Kuala Lumpur building, Malaysia

Stephen Pimbley SPARK partner said
“In addition to the towers iconic twisting sculptural silhouette the development hosts a multitude of extraordinary amenities composed within it’s fluid urban gesture, it has to be seen to be believed and is testament to Thomas’ (Thomas Chan) imagination and status as Kl’s most visionary developer”.

SPARK思邦合伙人Stephen Pimbley说到:
“除了塔楼标志性的动态雕塑轮廓外,该项目还设有众多非同寻常的设施,这些设施由流动的城市形态组成,必须亲眼目睹才能相信,这也证明了Thomas Chan作为吉隆坡最具远见的开发商的想象力及身份。”


Total GFA (sqm): 201.800 sqm
Three towers: 146.700 sqm
Height: 225m

CREDITS / 设计信息

Project partners: Lim Wenhui, Stephen Pimbley
Project architect : Luca Maccarinelli
Design team: Peter Morris, Luca Maccarinelli, Anusha Bajpai, Andriani Wira Atmadja, Ethan Euihyun Hwang, Chanachai Panichpattanakij, Mark Mancenido
Client: Nusmetro

Photography: Heartpatrick

Arté MK Kuala Lumpur tower building, Malaysia Arté MK Kuala Lumpur tower building facade



SPARK is a Singapore, Shanghai and London based team of designers and thinkers working in the disciplines of architecture, urbanism, interior design, landscape design, research and branding.

Using the evocation of the studio’s name “SPARK”; we produce stimulating, innovative, award-winning buildings and urban environments that generate significant added value for our clients.

SPARK’s studios have built a large number of award-winning projects throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our work is influenced by the constant evolution of contemporary life and the influences upon it that require a fresh approach to urban thinking.

SPARK’s work ranges in scale from boutique shops, residential, mixed-use waterfronts, and civic buildings to urban planning. Our projects are enjoyable to use, functional, beautiful to look at and easy to understand.

SPARK’s design solutions are an inspired socially and environmentally sensitive alchemy of the traditional ingredients of living, working and leisure designed to seamlessly connect society to an inspiring future.

For over ten years SPARK’s way of thinking has allowed us to make buildings that resonate with the public, clients and critics. We enjoy working with anybody who shares our belief that design makes an inspirational contribution to the world around us.

SPARK’s award-winning projects include Clarke Quay in Singapore, the Shanghai International Cruise Terminal (MIPIM Asia Awards 2011, “Best Mixed-Use development” award), the Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur and the Raffles City projects in Ningbo and Beijing. Spark’s Homefarm and BeachHut projects are the winners of the Future Experimental Category at the World Architecture Festival in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

SPARK思邦近期完成的重要项目包括获得cityscape Asia2008最佳滨水项目奖的克拉码头商业改建、获得2011MIPM亚洲最佳综合项目奖的上海国际客运中心、吉隆坡升喜廊、北京和宁波的两座来福士广场、以及分别获得2015/2016世界建筑节大奖的乐龄农庄和多彩沙滩屋.

Arté Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur residential design images / information from SPARCH

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