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Hotel Puerta America Designer Photos

Silken Madrid Hotel building, Spain: Arquitecte

Hotel Puerta America Architects

Silken Puerta América (the building has been renamed since being built) features various interiors by famous architects & designers:-
Zaha Hadid Architects / Jean Nouvel / Arata Isozaki / David Chipperfield / Norman Foster / John Pawson / Ron Arad / Richard Gluckman / Marc Newson / Plasma Studio / Mariscal & Salas / Attic / Kathryn Findlay / Victorio & Lucchino / Teresa Sapey / Christian Liaigre
Landscape: Harriet Bourne – Jonathan Bell

Hotel Puerta America Exterior / shell design – Jean Nouvel

Location: Madrid, España

Key Hotel Puerta America images selected for each designer, alphabetical:

Architect / Designer – Arata Isozaki:

Arata Isozaki - Hotel Puerta America

Arata Isozaki

Architect / Designer – Christian Liaigre:
Christian Liaigre - Hotel Puerta America

Architect / Designer – David Chipperfield:
Hotel Puerta America

David Chipperfield

Architect / Designer – Jean Nouvel:
David Chipperfield - Hotel Puerta America

Jean Nouvel

Architect / Designer – John Pawson:
Jean Nouvel - Hotel Puerta America

John Pawson

Architect / Designer – Kathryn Findlay:
John Pawson

Kathryn Findlay

Architect / Designer – Marc Newson:
Kathryn Findlay

Marc Newson

Architect / Designer – Mariscal & Salas:

Architect / Designer – Norman Foster:
Norman Foster

Norman Foster

Architect / Designer – Plasma Studio:
Plasma Studio

Plasma Studio

Architect / Designer – Richard Gluckman:
Richard Gluckman

Gluckman Mayner Architects

Architect / Designer – Ron Arad:
Ron Arad

Ron Arad

Architect / Designer – Teresa Sapey:
Teresa Sapey

Architect / Designer – Victorio & Lucchino:
Victorio & Lucchino

Architect / Designer – Zaha Hadid Architects:
Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid

Hotel Puerta America Landscape
Architect / Designer – Harriet Bourne – Jonathan Bell

Hotel Puerta America – Contact: +34 917 445 400

Hotel Puerta America Madrid main epage : photos of the interiors

The Silken Puerta América is an idea of freedom come true, a meeting space that brings together different cultures and ways of understanding architecture and design. A work of architecture that breaks with the norm by using different colours, materials and shapes. A Five Star Hotel capable of introducing guests in innovative, bold spaces, very different from any others.

The Silken Puerta América Hotel is a space that invites visitors to dream. A unique project that has brought together nineteen of the best architecture and design studios in the world, three Pritzker awards (the Nobel Prize of Architecture) among them. Each of the floors of this hotel proposes a different room concept. They all play with different materials, colours and shapes to create spaces that bring together the best of cutting edge design and architecture.

The Silken Puerta América Hotel is an eclectic and bold space that does not renounce comfort. The rooms are designed down to the very last detail, enticing guests to seek new shapes, interact with them, touch, see, even breathe and smell… 12 different floors: 12 ways of understanding architecture and design. A hotel like no other in the world.

Location: Avenida de América, 41, 28002 Madrid, central Spain, southwestern Europe

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Hotel Puerta America space designer : Zaha Hadid

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