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Eco Chimneys Madrid

Residential Buildings in Spain – design by Federico Soriano, architects

16 Feb 2010

Eco Barrio Madrid

Design: Estudio de arquitectura Federico Soriano y Asociados


This project is about 5 ECO chimneys – “ECOndicionadas” – that are now being built in Madrid in a new residential area called “ECO BARRIO” (Eco neighbourhood) integrated in a programme of sustainable architecture.

Eco Chimneys Madrid Eco Chimneys

Some chimneys between housing will generate a strong visual and symbolic impact among its inhabitants. The structure and the “skin” that will be placed are going to construct a public space in the neighbourhood that favours the social relations and the activities of urban participation among the residents and visitors. Besides that they are an important part of the “cogeneration central” that is going to supply electricity de the whole neighbourhood.

These chimneys or hollow linings will be able to work as solar chimneys regulating the local temperature of the plaza.

The 36 units of steam exits are grouped in five stacks consisting of a light structure shaped chimneys slightly pointed, composed of a metal compression rings and stainless steel straps. The ruled surface generated is covered by a textile complex material composed by a combination of optical fiber and light emitters. The result is a flexible mesh that expresses and emits light.

We take advantage of the structure and stability of the chimneys to create a shade, a cover or permeable shelter that allows locating activities under it, working energetically in a natural way. The chimneys regulate the heat under the roof space through natural movement of air.

Eco Chimneys Madrid – Building Information

Architect: Soriano & Arquitectos Asociados

Client: Madrid Town Hall

Architects: Federico Soriano, Dolores Palacios

Project team: Leonor Macedo, Álvaro Martín Fidalgo, Leticia Sáez,
Ana Pereira, Marcos Zaragoza, Annie Martínez-
-Pita, Francisco Triviño, Marina Rocarols, Carolina Cabello,
Severino Alfonso, Sergio Rufo, Marta Celada

Structure: B.O.M.A. Lluis Moya

Competition: 2008 (1st prize) Project 2009 Construction: 2010

Eco Chimneys Madrid images / information from Federico Soriano

Federico Soriano Architcet, Spain

Location: Madrid, Spain

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