Electric Avenue Garage Los Angeles Auto Shop Building, Social Studies Projects California Architecture Photos

Electric Avenue Auto Shop, Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Sep 28 2021

Location: 2300 Hyperion Avenue, Silver Lake, east-central Los Angeles, California, USA

Electric Avenue Auto Shop, Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Architect: Social Studies Projects (SSP)

Electric Avenue Garage Los Angeles building

Photos by Leela Cyd

Electric Avenue Los Angeles Auto Shop Building

The owners of Electric Car Garage invited Social Studies Projects (SSP) to design a freestanding pavilion to be used as a waiting room for clients and a lunch room for mechanics. Inspired by greenhouse structures, SSP designed a simple red steel framework clad in twinwall polycarbonate panels keeping the interior bright, while gently obscuring the surrounding parking lot from view.

Electric Avenue Auto Shop, Los Angeles

Open clerestories provide natural ventilation. To complement the signature red of the structure, SSP designed a suite of tables, benches and cabinets for the interior, powder coated in coral and goldenrod. Using simple materials, steel and polycarbonate, SSP wanted to create a shaded social area where clients and mechanics would gather.

Electric Avenue Auto Shop, Los Angeles Electric Avenue Auto Shop, Los Angeles

Material and color were key to achieving this oasis effect. The wall framing was structured for Los Angeles’ warm weather by allowing for open clerestories providing cross ventilation for the space. The structure effectively obscures the view of surrounding cars being worked on in the garage once inside. The twinwall polycarbonate was a great solution for this, helping the cars awaiting service to recede into the background and keeping the vibe inside the structure light and airy.

Electric Avenue Auto Shop, Los Angeles Electric Avenue Auto Shop, Silver Lake

The main building is painted red connecting to the company’s brand color, while other colors are sunbleached versions of the original color. The polycarbonate used obscures the cars making them appear blurred, with an illusion of a speeding car. The client planted jasmine all around the structure and additional planting was added later creating the feeling of an inside-out greenhouse.

The design concept was inspired by ordinary greenhouses and some of the more industrial, structurally expressive architecture of the mid-century era. The buildout utilized powder coated steel in both the structure and furnishings. The overall space was meant to serve as a waiting room and lunch room and not just an auto garage. It was envisioned as a neighborhood hangout space.

Electric Avenue Silver Lake Auto Shop Electric Avenue Silver Lake car garage LA

Electric Avenue Los Angeles – Building Information

PROJECT: Electric Avenue
TYPE: Auto Shop
LOCATION: Silverlake, Los Angeles, California, USA
OWNER: Dene Feldman and Koko Bakchajian
SIZE: 200 SF
DATE COMPLETED: Architecture completed 2019; Landscape to be completed 2021


Photography Courtesy of Social Studies Projects

Electric Avenue Garage Silverlake, Los Angeles Building images / information received 270921 from Social Studies Projects (SSP)

Website: electricavesilverlake.com

Phone number: (323) 284-2064

Location: 2300 Hyperion Ave, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

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