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Architecture Offices: West Yorkshire Design Practice Information, England, UK

post updated 24 Apr 2020

Leeds Architecture Studios

West Yorkshire Architects Practice Information, alphabetical:

Architectphone / faxe-mail / websiteaddress
Bauman Lyons Architects+44 (0)113 350 8865
+44 (0)113 262 3800
Bauman Lyons Architects Ltd.
Black Building
2 Newton Road
Leeds, LS7 4HE
Carey Jones+44 (0)113 224 5000
Carey Jones
Rose Wharf, 78 East St
Leeds, LS9 8EE

Architects + Landscape Architects + Structural Engineers with offices in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Leeds Architects Additions welcome: info(at)e-architect.com

The Leeds Architecture site aims to promote Leeds Architects as well as the city’s architecture. The page is a good starting point for selecting an architect practice in West Yorkshire.

Leeds Architects’ details are listed for an annual fee, likewise for Leeds Structural Engineers, etc.

It is the responsibility of any West Yorkshire architect practice – once listed and fee paid – to please inform us if their office details are amended.

See Architect Profiles Information for prices and details.

Location: Leeds, England, UK

Architecture in Leeds

Leeds Architecture Designs – chronological list

Leeds Architecture News

Leeds City Village Development
Design: Brewster Bye Architects
City Village development design by Leeds Architect office
image courtesy of developer
Leeds City Village Development

Leeds Buildings
Leeds Town Hall Building
photo © Adrian Welch

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Maggie’s Yorkshire Centre, Bexley Wing, at St James’s University Hospital
Design: Heatherwick Studio
Maggie’s Yorkshire Centre, building by Heatherwick Studio
images courtesy of architects
Maggie’s Yorkshire Centre Building

Leeds Beckett University Creative Arts Building, Woodhouse Lane
Architects: Hawkins\Brown
Leeds Beckett University Creative Arts Building
image courtesy of architects
Leeds Beckett University Creative Arts Building

Victoria Gate
Architects: ACME
Victoria Gate Leeds Building

University of Leeds Western Campus Competition

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