Kichijoji Oikos, Musashino House, Tokyo Residence, Building

Park House Kichijoji Oikos, Japan : Musashino Residence

Musashino Property – design by Iida archiship studio

30 May 2012

Park House Kichijoji Oikos

Design: Iida archiship studio

To re-construct a new principle

Musashino House

There is a peculiar “system” which is built through a process of constructing a condominium (planning-designing-constructing-selling) in a competitive market. I had proceeded this project by undoing the process and re-defining collective housing with a ecological point of view discussing about life scenes of a small family.

As the result of that, I came up with the following productive unit plan and common space.

Park House Kichijoji Oikos Kichijoji Oikos Park House Kichijoji Oikos Musashino Musashino Residence
photos : Ken’ichi Suzuki

The main feature of the unit plan is to put plumbing installations on a balcony. I intended the balcony to be useful exterior as a mechanical room, PS, evacuation route and laundry. “A service space” which is constituted with kitchen, WC, bathroom, laundry and DS is set up as small as possible and I put it at the center of the unit.

In terms of the common space which is constituted with entrance hall, lobby, elevator, stairs, side entrance with garbage bins and so on, it is put on the center of four layered deformed gable volume. This space is expected to be not as a occupied space but as a common community space. Actually, We had a lot of discussions to decide how to design this common entrance for 9 units.

The main purposes of the existing “system” in this market are to give additional values to a hot-selling unit or a group of units (not collective housing) for a business success and to avoid a risk of selling. But now we are stepping into a new age and should establish a new principle for new life. In this project, I had tried to express about living together, making a continuousness with this surroundings, cutting down the energy quantity and costs, reining in CO2 emission and so on by designing this architecture.

The optimistic era has already been passed. I hope this kind of attempt are going to break the existing stable marketing “system” down and cause next steps for essential, diverse and ideal environment of collective housing.

Park House Kichijoji Oikos – Building Information

Name of Firm: Iida archiship studio
Architect: Yoshihiko Iida
Site area: 361.29 sqm
Total Floor area: 703.24 sqm
Location: Musashino, Tokyo, Japan
Completion date: Oct 2010
Address: Musashino, Tokyo, Japan
Structure & Floor Number: RC, 4stories

Photos: Ken’ichi Suzuki

Park House Kichijoji Oikos images / information from Iida archiship studio

Location: Musashino, Tokyo, Japan, East Asia

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