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House Passage of Landscape, Toyota

Toyota Residence: New Japanese Property in Aichi prefecture – design by ihrmk, architect

21 Feb 2016

House Passage of Landscape in Toyota

Design: ihrmk, Architects

Location: Toyota, Aichi prefecture, central Honshu, Japan

New House in Aichi Prefecture

House Passage of Landscape

Residential House

Tanada, terraced paddy field, widely appears to its south and the west.

3 gate-shaped frames which compose wall, floor and ceiling are layered in tiers by 650mm for each direction. On the first floor, living room, wood deck and garden form straight line toward the slope of rice fields from north side. The first floor also connects to the dining room etc on the second floor, through the gap of the frame from south side. In the second floor, the gaps of the frame of the ceiling become high side windows for ventilation and lighting.

House Passage of Landscape

This house become a passage of landscape which can feel difference of light, wind, sound and width of the sky depending on the space and the inside and outside continue to the scenery.

Design: May 2012 to September 2013 Construction: November 2013 to September 2014 Location: Toyota, Aichi, Japan

House Passage of Landscape, Toyota

Firstly, I am going to explain exterior materials. The roof is FRP. The wall has three parts. Cedar board paneling and Fiber reinforced cement board for gate-shaped frames, and Mortar for boxes. Regarding Interior, Main floor material is Oak Flooring. It is a component of frames. And, wall and ceiling are component of frames, too. They are Basswood plywood and Gypsum board panelling. Panel lines continue from living room to deck, so, your eyes can move to the outside smoothly.

Site area: 243.11sqm
Building area: 62.11sqm
Building scale: 2 storeys
Total floor area: 99.0 sqm 1f 50.91sqm 2f 48.02sqm

House Passage of Landscape, Toyota

This house locates within Urbanization control areas, and around of this house is the Area for promoting a local agriculture, designated by government. Thanks to this, beautiful view, and peaceful time there, are guaranteed. So, this small, one hundred square meter house, could receive surrounding landscape.

This Gate-shaped frames made from timber has large span, so we designed steel reinforcing material to realizing a large span beam. In order to get durability enhancement in second floor windows, wooden door was coated with FRP waterproofing material.

House Passage of Landscape, Toyota

Architect: Masaki Ihara, Structural engineering: Atsushi Fujio, Garden designer: Ryo Tabata and Furniture designer: Hideaki Suzuki

Photographer Hiroshi Ueda, 2014.

House Passage of Landscape, Toyota

The client of this project wishes to remain anonymous in detail. The clients are young married couple. In fact, they had a baby in the process of this project. So, The clients are three people. They lived in Toyota, famous for the Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan.
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Winner – House Passage of Landscape Residential House by Ihrmk is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2014 – 2015.

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Location: Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Honshu, Japan, East Asia

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