The Walkable Summit Journal in Sesto Dolomites

The Walkable Summit Journal in Sesto Dolomites, Northeast Italy Landscape Installations, Italian Architecture Photos

The Walkable Summit Journal in Sesto Dolomites, Italy

21 July 2020

150 Years of Alpine History in Northeast Italy

Design: Plasma Studio

Location: Sesto Dolomites, Northeast Italy

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

Sesto and its mountains. An ancient love affair that over the course of the centuries has repeatedly ensured some thrilling surprises. The striking summits of the Dolomites do not just dominate the setting of the village of Sesto, they have also long been responsible for helping to determine the fate and development of the area.

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

And since every good love story has to start sometime, somewhere, we will take the first officially documented summit rendezvous between man and mountain as the beginning of our ruggedly romantic alpine story. It was on 18 July 1869, early on Sunday morning, when three mountain climbers shook hands on the Punta dei Tre Scarperi.

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

The first ascent bar none and the starting signal for countless others. Just one month later the same party also conquered the Cima Grande. This was the start of the great summit rush in the Sesto Dolomites: alpinists from all over the world came here seeking great adventures, opened up new climbing routes and ultimately gave the enterprising Sesto natives the idea of welcoming tourists to their village. Yes, Sesto and its mountains – a great love story!

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

The Walkable Summit Journal: captured moments Pioneers and first ascensionists, mountaineers, mountain conquerors, hikers for pleasure and lovers of mountain walks: everyone has already experienced the moment when they reach their destination, the summit.

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

It is a moment full of emotion, full of wonder, characterized by adverse weather conditions or rewarded by a wonderful view and accompanied by a memorable natural spectacle. A peculiar moment, intense, that many capture by writing, leaving the memory of it right where it was lived, for all those who will reach the summit after them.

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

Especially in the Alps, summit Journals can be found on many peaks. They are books dedicated to the hosts of that mountain and, normally, they are kept in a waterproof casing. A summit book collects notes, directions on the route, the date of the expedition, the weather and the mood of the hiker during the ascent. The function of the inscription is to document the conquest of the summit, but it is the drawings, poems and, above all, the expressiveness of each individual calligraphy that gives the individual pages an unmistakable character.

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

A century and a half has passed since the first peaks of the Dolomites were conquered. For the year dedicated to the beginnings of mountaineering in the Sesto Dolomites 150 years ago and the assumption of the Dolomites in the UNESCO World Heritage 10 years ago, we wanted to recreate this particular moment by making accessible the varied facets of inscriptions in the books of summit, so that these first moments in the Sesto Dolomites can consciously become part of our collective memory.

From this idea a walkable temporary installation was born that reveals some inscriptions of the first ascents on Cima Grande, Cima Piccola and Cima Dodici from different perspectives and from different points of view. The inscriptions, selected by the Sesto archivist, Rudolf Holzer, are engraved on metal cubes fixed to stone pine boards and stacked one on top of the other.

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

They represent the entrance threshold of the “Way of the mountaineer” that leads to the Stone of the time of the Meridian of the Sesto Mountains.

After the summer of 2019, the installation comes together in its individual components: each element is transformed into a bench and all will be distributed throughout the municipal area of Sesto. In this way, moments on the summit will remain within everyone’s reach and can be experienced and traveled again at any time.

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

Lake House Völs in South Tyrol – Building Information

Architects: Plasma Studio

Concept And Design: Ulla Hell & Peter Pichler_plasma Studio
Artistic And Graphic Consultants: Arno Dejaco &nicole
Structural Consultants: Andreas Erlacher
Texts Selection: Rudolf Holzer
Craft Cooperation: Tischlerei Erlacher | Weitlaner Klaus |
Inox Design | Gravur Design | Georg Villgrater | Eltec
An Initiative Of The Sesto Tourist Association

The Walkable Summit Journal Sesto

Photographs: Michael Pezzei, Wisthaler

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Location:Sesto Dolomites, Northern Italy, central Europe

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