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Bespoke Lighting 22 Rothschild

Bespoke Lighting Project in Tel Aviv, Israel, design by rmkdesignoffice Architects

25 Oct 2014

Bespoke Lighting 22 Rothschild, Tel Aviv,

Location: 22 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Israel

Design: Rona Meyuchas Koblenz, rmkdesignoffice

Rona Meyuchas Koblenz designer and owner of rmkdesignoffice has just completed work on a bespoke lighting project which she was commissioned to create by the Aviv Group Israel.

22 Rothschild is positioned on one of the main and most beautiful streets running through Tel Aviv, full of historical buildings, restaurants, boutique hotels and a center of business.

The building sees the merging of the original Bachar House, designated for meticulous conservation, and the new 24-story office tower, overseen by the award-winning architects Moshe Tzur and Orly Shrem. Joining the two buildings is a modern glass atrium bringing together the old and new aspects of this build and where Rona’s light is housed.


Resembling an aquarium ,the atrium’s huge glass walls and 20 meter high ceiling posed a challenge – how to create a light that would not get lost in the space and to lower the feeling of the ceiling. The large glass walls connecting to the outside tree lined boulevard , led to considering the architects wish to bring the feeling of the trees inside.

Also due to the ceiling height, acoustics were bad and sound echoed around the space. This gave Rona the idea of creating huge gramophones. Both the concept of trees and gramophone heads can be clearly seen in the final light.


Rona started work on her concept for the lights in August 2013.

The installation is divided into two lights each measuring 11 meters tall by 5.5 meters and hung from the ceiling.

Made from aluminum coated in 7021 RAL black , LED sourced , the acrylic covering creates a light box effect allowing a decorative light to fill the atrium.

Produced and made in Israel by: QT Shevit, Rosenberg Metal Spinners, Kol Kifuf tube bending.

Design and Project management: Rona Meyuchas Koblenz

Design Assistant: Rona Zinger.


It took our team of electricians from Yesh Hashmal twenty two hours from start to finish to wire and construct the lights, with the first phase of wiring taking place at the factory of QT Shavit in Holon and the second phase of installation of the “trees” branch by branch in the atrium. Rona along with installation project manager Gonen Kahana oversaw the assembly and hanging of the two lights.


Rmkdesignoffice specializes in cutting edge design for a wide range of bespoke projects. Rona brings her background in custom made lighting to rmkdesignoffice, having worked at Isometrix Lighting & Design on award-winning international projects as a senior product designer. Some of Rona’s previous projects included Yawatcha Restaurant (FX award), Nobu Restaurants, Hotel Puerta America (winner of best lighting design award 2006), Rosehearty luxury yacht and private residences.

The completed installation at 22 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv


To see the assembly and hanging of the lights in the glass atrium click on this link:

Pinterest of production and Assembly:


For all press and general enquiries about rmkdesignoffice please contact Ana Odiz at press(at)

22 Rothschild Boulevard images / information from rmkdesignoffice

Rothschild Tower architect : Richard Meier

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Location: Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Israel, Middle East

Location: Israel, Middle East

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