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Helmond Station Building

Railway Architecture in The Netherlands – design by studioSK, Movares

3 Jun 2014

Station Helmond

Design: studioSK, Movares


Helmond Station

How to create a meaningful station environment in an era in which the classical station typology is evaporating? Modern travelling, being almost immaterial, has become ‘traveling light’: no need to buy tickets anymore, paying with your cell phone, high frequent intensities of train systems preventing you to wait for long.

Station Helmond

Station Helmond

Photos: Ben Vulkers fotografie (except where stated otherwise)

This modern comfort raises the question: what is left of the iconography and identity of a station(area)? In most cities there still is a need for identity and an urge to interpret the station area as one of the meaningful focus points in the urban scheme.

Station Helmond

Station Helmond

Station Helmond

Station Helmond

Station Helmond

Station Helmond

StudioSK, Movares has developed a strategy for this: LANDSCAPING THE STATION. In this design strategy all elements of the surroundings of the station are being considered as an equal part of the project; buildings but also civil structures, station plaza and art in public space.

Thus bringing people together in a multipurpose transit area inviting people to stay and relax in a peaceful atmosphere which puts in perspective the hectic of travelling.

Helmond Station Helmond Station Helmond Station
photos : Ivo Bastiaansen

Helmond Station – Building Information

Name of project: Helmond station and bike parking
Location: Helmond, Netherlands
Construction time of the project: 2014
Office: studioSK, Movares – Utrecht, Netherlands
Project architect: Paul van der Ree

Helmond Station Building
picture : Bouwfotografe.nl

Helmond Station Building images / information from studioSK, Movares

Location: Helmond, Netherlands, northern Europe

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