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Guangzhou Extreme Sport Center

Contemporary Chinese Sporting Development Design by Information Based Architecture

14 Nov 2008

Guangzhou Velodrome

X-treme Sports Centre, China

Images: Information Based Architecture

Guangzhou Velodrome, Extreme Sport Center

Guangzhou Velodrome, Extreme Sport Center

Guangzhou Velodrome, Extreme Sport Center

Guangzhou Velodrome, Extreme Sport Center

Project details
120.000sqm site area includung Velodrome, Game-Management centre, Extreme Sport Center and Sport Park for Asian Games with Rollerskating rink, BMX track, Mountain biking, Rock climbing and volunteer centre.
Total gross floor area 33,300 sqm

Guangzhou Key Public Projects Construction Administration Office & Guangzhou Sports Bureau.

The Competition
Selected as one of three winners in invited international competition for the Guangzhou Cycling, Roller Skating and Extreme Sport Center.

The complex consists of a 15.200 sqm Velodrome and Rollerskating arena, an 11.500 sqm extreme sport Center, a 6.600 sqm Office building for the Game management of the Asian Games. Furthermore are there facilities planned for BMX, rock climbing and mountainbiking and a volunteer and academic exchange center.
Total land area : 152,992 sqm Competition is ongoing.

Guangzhou Sport Center Guangzhou Extreme Sport Center Guangzhou Extreme Sport Center Guangzhou Extreme Sport Center

sustainability –
The concept is a porous monolithic 160m single span shell that integrates the esthetic, structural, spatial and lighting requirements into one simple but complex solution.
This project is a perfect example of our office objective to come to a kind of bio-intelligenge. An intelligence inherent in biological evolution. One could call our methodology: Anti-design.

A methodology that stands perpendicular to the unsustainable Modernist strategies of hacking things to bits, and splitting problems up, while in the process losing the coherence and many characteristic qualities. Quite the opposite, we attempt to create design that searches for coherence and tries to integrate information into one singular simple but complex solution. This is a much more efficient, sustainable and value generating process.

Guangzhou Velodrome – Building Information

Architects: Information Based Architecture
Design: Mark Hemel, Barbara Kuit
Collaborators: Patty Lui, Camille Maury, Howard Chung, Corina Popa
3D modelling: Ran Ankori, Maurits Fennis

In cooperation with Guangzhou Design Institute &
Ove Arup HK & Partners on structure and engineering services

Studio Information: Information Based Architecture

Location: Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China

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