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Key Architecture Developments in Germany: Building Design Images – Neue Deutsche Architektur

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Key German Embassy Building:

Netherlands Embassy
Date built: 2003
Design: Rem Koolhaas, OMA Architects
Dutch Embassy Berlin, OMA for Netherlands
Dutch Embassy Berlin photo : Christian Richters from OMA 270307
Berlin embassy building by world-famous Dutch architectural office based in Rotterdam
Reception spaces are activated inside the cube. Other semi-public spaces are located closer to the facade and at one point cantilever out over the drop-off area. From the entry, the trajectory leads on via the library, meeting rooms, fitness area and restaurant to the roof terrace.

Upon reunification in 1991, the German government returned the seat of government from Bonn to Berlin. Most major buildings listed on this page are logically in the capital city!

German Embassy Architecture

Embassy Architecture Germany, alphabetical:

Embassy, Tiergartenstrasse, Berlin
Tiergartenstrasse Embassy Berlin facade
photo © Adrian Welch

Austrian Embassy, Tiergartenstrasse, south of the Tiergarten
Dates built: 1996-2001
Design: Hans Hollein Architects, Austria
Austrian Embassy Berlin Building
photo © Adrian Welch
Austrian Embassy Berlin
The Austrian Embassy Berlin is located south of the largest and oldest city park, the Tiergarten, and forms the architectural entrance on the eastern side of the Berlin diplomatic quarter. The building was designed by the renowned Austrian architect Hans Hollein. The construction work started in 1999 and was inaugurated in 2001 in the presence of the Austrian President Thomas Klestil and the German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer.

British Embassy, 70-71 Wilhelmstraße, Berlin
Date built: 2000
Design: Michael Wilford and Partners, UK
British Embassy Berlin
photo © Adrian Welch
British Embassy Berlin
The British embassy is the first, and to date, only embassy in Germany to be built under a Private Finance Initiative. Arteos, a Bilfinger Berger owned special purpose entity, financed and were to operate the embassy building for 30 years.

A further 30-year extension is possible, following which the building will revert to British government ownership. In December 2006 Bilfinger sold their interest in the embassy to the UK firm Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund.

After reunification in 1991 the British government decided to reoccupy the Wilhelmstraße site, despite the German Foreign Office no longer being located in this street. An architectural competition was held, and won by the practice of Michael Wilford and Partner. Ground was broken at the site in June 1998 by Derek Fatchett MP, and the new building opened by Queen Elizabeth II in July 2000.

Embassies of the Nordic Countries
Date built: 1999
Masterplan Design : Berger + Parkkinen
Scandinavian Embassies
photo © Adrian Welch
Scandinavian Embassies
Five countries, six buildings, six architect teams
Masterplan – team selected by European architecture competition
Individual buildings – teams selected by national architecture competitions

French Embassy, Pariser Platz 5, Mitte, Berlin
Dates built: 1999-2002
Design: Atelier Christian de Portzamparc
French Embassy Berlin
photo © Adrian Welch
French Embassy
The embassy has approximately 250 employees and is one of France’s largest. The present embassy building was designed by Christian de Portzamparc, who won the 1997 competition for the commission after German reunification. It is substantially on the original site, but the northern portion was exchanged in a land swap for a piece of land on Wilhelmstraße.

Indian Embassy, Tiergartenstraße, Berlin
Date built: –
Design: unknown
Indian Embassy Berlin Indian Embassy Tiergartenstraße
photos © Adrian Welch

Mexican Embassy, Berlin
Date built: –
Design: unknown
Mexican Embassy Berlin
photo © Adrian Welch
Mexican Embassy

Norwegian Embassy, The Nordic Embassy Complex, Berlin
Date built: 1999
Design: Snøhetta Architects
Scandinavian Embassies Berlin
photo © Adrian Welch

Saudi Arabian Embassy, Tiergartenstrasse, Berlin
Date built: –
Design: unknown
Saudi Arabian Embassy Berlin
photo © Adrian Welch
Saudi Arabian Embassy

Swiss Embassy, Berlin
Dates built: 1995-2000
Design: Diener & Diener, Switzerland
Swiss Embassy Berlin
photo © Adrian Welch
Swiss Embassy

US Embassy, Pariser Platz, Berlin
Date built: 2008
Design: Moore Ruble Yudell architects, California, USA
American Embassy Berlin American Embassy
photos © Adrian Welch

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Location: Germany, Western Europe

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Möglhof Athlete Center, Bavaria, southern Germany
Interior design: MALLUVIA innenarchitektur
Möglhof Athlete Center Rimsting Bavaria- German Architecture News
photo : Jonathan Sage Photography
Möglhof Athlete Center, Rimsting Bavaria

District Administration Building, Bad Segeberg
Architects: TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten Hamburg
District Administration Bad Segeberg Germany
photo : Daniel Sumesgutner
District Administration, Bad Segeberg

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