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On the Port of Cannes in France

Services for Boaters on the French Riviera, South of France design by Heams & Michel Architectes

29 Apr 2019

On the Port of Cannes Building, France

Design: Heams & Michel Architectes

Location: Cannes, France

On the Port of Cannes France

On the Port of Cannes is situated between Suquet Hill and the Palais des Festivals. It borders the dike to the south and the Allées de la Liberté-Charles-De-Gaulle to the north. It was a sheltered beach until 1838, when construction began. The port has undergone a series of transformations and expansions in response to new requirements.

The project’s objective is to offer new services, at the heart of the water, near the boaters. As part of the waterway development project, a competition was launched in 2009 in which the call for tenders was closed. A second competition was launched in 2013. Its building permit wasn’t granted, the call for tenders was unsuccessful and as a result, it didn’t go through either. A submerged box will be built in order to store the technical equipment which is required for the functioning of the port.

On the Port of Cannes France

On the Port of Cannes France

Lines and points / a constructive thought at the service of use.
All the elements of the program are housed in a volume which has a simple parallelepipedic form. The wooden structure sits on a concrete base spreading across the existing stumps. Spanning only one level, it perches naturally on top of the area covered by the existing submerged box.

On the Port of Cannes France

On the Port of Cannes France

It stretches along the main wharf and forma a close relationship between the calm water of the harbor and the landscape in the background. Placed between inside and outside, the servant spaces are situated along the periphery of the building, along the facade. Punctuated regularly by posts, it is like an anamorphosis of the limit of public space.

On the Port of Cannes France

On the Port of Cannes France

It unfolds, like a light, transparent and ordered matrix. This succession of posts creates a vibration and a subtle rhythm on the dock. On the contrary, the served spaces are maintained in a plane with opaque facades. They are covered with a patterned cladding sensitive to the particular light variation of the marine atmosphere.

On the Port of Cannes France On the Port of Cannes France

On the Port of Cannes France On the Port of Cannes France

Rigor as a guide
Setting out a project on this site comes with considerable constraints from the onset. The presence of the submerged box imposes a particular positioning of the load bearing structure as well a structure that can be adapted to the loads that can be received. In addition, the constraining nature of the site and its position on the busy port reduce the area of the construction site to its simplest form and make the supply of materials difficult. Faced with such demands and faced with relatively short deadlines, we chose to build using the dry construction system.

On the Port of Cannes France

The concrete base is composed of prefabricated elements which are laid out following the the wooden poles’ frame. Wall elements composed of CLT panels framing and thermal insulation were assembled in the carpenter’s workshop and then transported by truck to the end of the harbor, and finally moved by barge to the work site.

On the Port of Cannes France

The size of each hoisted element was dictated by its weight. The facades are protected by cladding laid out either vertically or horizontally depending on its exposure to the weather. The roof’s waterproofing is provided by a floor made of wood that encloses the entire volume of the building.

On the Port of Cannes France

On the Port of Cannes in France – Building Information

Location: Cannes, France.
Program: New Services For Boaters On The Port Of Cannes
Maître D’ouvrage: Chambre De Commerce Et De L’industrie N.c.a
Maîtres D’oeuvre: Heams & Michel Architectes,
Enginners: Setec Glingenierie, Tce – Bois Etudes Hulin, Structure Bois
Constructor: Smgb (Gros Oeuvre, Second Oeuvre), Toitures Montilienne (Charpente Et Bardage Bois),
Stme (Cvp), Spie (Electricite), Regis (Menuiseries Exterieures)

Project Area: 320 sqm
Cubage Wood Frame Douglas: 5m3, Wall Clt Epicea: 63 M3
Wood Cladding Douglas: 240 sqm, Floor In Wood: 290 sqm
Coût: 1 Million D’euro H.t
Completion Period: Septembre 2018

On the Port of Cannes France

Photographs: Aldo Amoretti

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Location: Cannes, France, Europe

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