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Dovecote Barn, England : Great Amwell Property

Residential Development Hertfordshire, UK – design by Nicolas Tye Architects

28 May 2012

Dovecote Barn in Great Amwell

Design: Nicolas Tye Architects

An Architectural Project by Nicolas Tye

Dovecote Barn, Great Amwell property extension
photographs: Nerida Howard

Dovecote Barn is a contemporary rear extension project to a recently converted barn in Great Amwell, Hertfordshire. The clients proposed to build a rear extension to the barn in order to create more practical living space for the family, by creating some depth to the long and narrow footprint of the existing barn.

Dovecote Barn Great Amwell Dovecote Barn England Hertfordshire Property
photographs : Nerida Howard

The rear extension becomes the new dining and informal social area, with direct access and visual connections to the living area and the children’s play area (former dining room). It was our objective to improve the existing barn into a more family friendly space as a whole, yet retaining the character and the linear nature of the barn.

The completed extension takes the form of a simple rectangular box, with high quality materials and fittings to provide a modern living environment to the clients. It provides a direct link between the barn and the garden space with level access and large sliding glazing panels which opens up the extension to the external patio area.

Great Amwell Barn Great Amwell Barn Extension Great Amwell Property Hertfordshire Barn Extension
photographs : Nerida Howard

The dark painted solid timber wall and some well considered glazing positions allow privacy for both the clients and their neighbours yet providing generous amount of natural light, making it an elegant addition to the property.

The sympathetic form of the proposed extension is taken from a simple rectangular box so that it does not attract attention away from the main barn building.

Great Amwell House Great Amwell Residence Barn Extension Great Amwell
photographs : Nerida Howard

The scale of the extension is also subservient to the form of the main barn, with the extension designed so that it is ‘tucked under’ the existing eaves level so that the existing roof structure is not disturbed. The proposed materials have evolved and are from the existing material pallette found on site to ensure that the newly proposed materials are in keeping with the existing.

The connection to the rear garden is further enhanced by the integration of a landscaping scheme. The rear of the site is not visible from publicly accessible land or the surrounding countryside, thus the impact on the Conservation and Green Belt is minimal.

Hertfordshire Barn Extension
image : Nicolas Tye Architects

Internally the addition will provide a new dining area and allow the existing dining space to be used as a children’s play area which will be both visible and accessible from the current main living spaces. Large amount of glazing on two sides of the extension allows the existing building fabric to shown through and create a sense of “lightness” to the proposed structure.

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Location: Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England, UK

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