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TNI Tower Dubai Building

UAE Skyscraper Development design by RMJM Architects

4 Oct 2008

TNI Tower Dubai

Date built: –
Design: RMJM Architects

TNI Tower Dubai TNI Tower TNI Tower Dubai
images from architect

TNI Tower Dubai TNI Tower
images from architect


RMJM is an international firm of architects with offices throughout the UK, Asia, and
the Middle East. The architecture practice was headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was responsible for the Stirling-Prize winning Scottish Parliament Building alongside EMBT from Barcelona.

The firm recently secured commissions in four of the world’s rapidly developing markets – China, India, Russia, and Qatar – providing the impetus for forthcoming offices in Abu Dhabi, Delhi, and Doha.

TNI Tower design : RMJM Architects

TNI Tower Design

Competition design by Dewan Architects & Engineers

The distinctions between inside and out are fused in TNI’s unique proposed commercial grade-A office tower in Abu Dhabi. The strong sculpted cavities are given an impressive treatment through the creation of a façade that boasts high technological advances and a romantic dialogue between smooth and delicate glass. The inspiration of the tower design embodies the skin of a fruit with the external texture being very different to the internal fruit pulp and texture.

The TNI Tower building has been “carved” at strategic points to exemplify this inner-outer contrast of textures and colours. Covering a built-up area of 32,000m2, the design of TNI Tower reflects the new era of innovative modern architecture, which is in line with the company’s standing as one of the region’s premier innovative architectural firms.

Dewan Architects & Engineers are based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Baghdad, Basra, Riyadh, Doha, Tripoli, Manila and Mumbai.

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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