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The Helix Tower Abu Dhabi

Contemporary UAE Skyscraper Building: Architecture design by Studio Prescient architects

23 Aug 2016

The Helix Tower

Design: Studio Prescient

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Helix Tower in Abu Dhabi

Iconic Residential Tower that allows one views of Sun Rise and Sunset.

The Helix Tower The Helix Tower

Garden apartments with planters running all along the periphery of the balcony that surrounds the home and a 25 ft. by 40 ft. verandah that protrudes beyond the balcony line allowing fantastic sky views.
Also this extended verandah staggers helically as we move upwards along the tower creating a bold helical design element that envelopes the tower.

The Helix Tower

The experiential journey from the entrance security area to the ground level foyer is intriguing much like the slow unpeeling of an onion. The helix theme is being captured at all levels including the six level cascading pool near the entrance. The pleasant soothing sound of water welcomes you as one approaches the foyer.

The apartments start at the fifth floor leaving only an atomized lift, stairs and service core at the center. This leaves us a lot of volume enabling us to create an artistic and experientially rich entrance foyer that dissolves the contrast between indoor and outdoor spaces, at the same time enriching the foyer with luxurious amenities. The fourth floor accommodates a feature rich clubhouse that opens out onto the spiraling down pool deck.

The Helix Tower

The top five floor of the 45 floor tower are also kept for services and recreational activities and shall offer breathtaking views of the surroundings. The architectural design has sought inspiration from the first principles of life and their correlation with habitats to arrive at the design for this new paradigm in vertical living in consonance with nature. All life must be dynamic with energy flowing smoothly through the live entities.

If we look around and observe the geometries of habitats in the universe, we shall find predominance of the spiral pattern in habitats with energies flowing outwards from the center or inwards from the periphery. If we build upon this spiral geometry and extrude it vertically, we get what is called a helical geometry.

The Helix Tower

At Studio Prescient we have chosen this most naturally appropriate geometry. To create a new model for vertical inhabitation that affords a greater and enhanced connectedness with all the elements: plants, earth, water and air and cosmic forces like the Sun. We have created The Helix – Ascent of Holistic Habitats.

The Helix Tower The Helix Tower

About Studio Prescient
Studio Prescient is a centre for Architectural Innovation, where the fine line between Practice and Academia is blurred; where Distinctive talent finds self-expression and works in charged democratic studio environment to create cutting-edge architectural designs. At Studio Prescient, we thrive in a state of Flux applying our keen sense of observation, our intuitive abilities to discern the unstated dynamics of reality and our enthusiasm to push the frontiers of Possibility for the creation of ‘The Future of Habitats’.

What we do
The Future is not a function of Time… What truly separates “Future” from the ‘Present’ is our ability to ideate it and create it!!
We aim to create Products with refreshing newness, universal appeal and great geographic portability; products that present new aspirations as opposed to fulfilling existing ones.
Our intent is to construct Habitat products that would impact habitats at a global level, setting the tone for ‘the FUTURE of HABITATS’. Some of the prototype projects that have been initiated are the QUB, HELIX & VERTICAL GROUND.

Core Values at Prescient
There are three characteristics however that are central to the success of any possibility any projection of Newness which are Delightfulness, Usefulness and High transactablity.
Delightfulness is key, because we aspire for built environments that are celebrative & enhance positivity. Usefulness is critical, because fulfilling the functional needs of the inhabitants is the primary role of any design, while furthering the principles of sustainability and efficiency.

High quotient of transactivity is key, because today’s architectural design is not about kings and palaces or monuments. Contemporary Design is a democratic architectural design that enhances the lives of people. Therefore, we strive to put forth creations that find world-wide engagement.

Prescience enables us to create a future that is based on scientific and objective extrapolation. At Prescient, we strongly feel that while many futures are possible at any time, in the present, it is possibilities that find resonance with the maximum forces at play in nature and communities around us that eventually become the defining characteristics of the future such as automobiles, trains, electricity, X-rays, airplanes, television, health diagnostics, credit cards, mobile phones, internet, Google, Apple, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

The ‘Present’ is always Simpler than the ‘Past’ and a corollary is that The Future’ shall ‘simplify the Present’; Another characteristic of ‘Newness’ that is key to its success is that it ‘simplifies life’ while allowing many lateral possibilities to also flourish.

The Helix Tower

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Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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