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25 Mar 2019

Jobs in United Arab Emirates Advice

In terms of living standards, the United Arab Emirates is similar to the countries of Western Europe and the USA. It has an excellent education system, high incomes, a loyal tax system, and high-security level. The employment in the UAE is a legal opportunity to live in this Arab country and to experience all its benefits.

As in any other Muslim country, there are limitations and prohibitions in the customs of the Emirates, some of them are also applied to foreigners. However, the UAE offers good prospects for career development to a purposeful person. The economy in the UAE is developing rapidly, but it continually feels a lack of local personnel. Citizens of the country are rarely hired on jobs in the field of construction, in the service sector, and they do not look for unskilled positions.

Therefore, the Government of the Emirates has nothing against the participation of foreigners in the labor market. So, immigrants already account for almost 90% of all employees in the country. Many foreigners in search of jobs in Dubai look for a vacancy in the areas listed above, but there are opportunities to make a career in other sectors, for example, in numerous companies in free zones that are engaged in trade, production, logistics, etc. If you plan to come in the UAE and get a job here, you can find a list of current vacancies at jobpro.ae.

It is almost unreal to obtain citizenship of the United Arab Emirates getting a job, but it is quite easy to get a resident visa for three years with the possibility of its renewal. This visa provides you almost all the rights that local citizens have. In general, the formal employment process includes the following steps:

  1. Legalize a diploma (if required).
  1. Entry with a work visa.
  2. Conclude an employment contract.
  3. Register the residence visa and electronic work card.

A foreigner can get an official job in the UAE only with this type of visa; other types of visas do not give the right to formal employment.

Potential expats should:

  • Know English, or Arabic (as required by the employer),
  • have no problems with law and drugs.
  • be psychologically balanced,
  • be no older than 50 years (in most cases)

In order to get a visa, you should have a contract. A foreigner has 60 days to conclude it. At this time, an applicant must undergo professional testing and a medical examination in one of the local health institutions for professional suitability and the absence of serious diseases. The contract is in electronic form and must be registered with the Ministry of Labor.

When one gets a work card, an analog of the work permit, this person obtains a resident visa or ID-card, an employee’s identity card in the UAE. Employers are responsible for the registration and renewal of these documents. Organizations request work cards at the Ministry of Labor, and the Immigration Department requests ID cards.

Traditionally, the Government of the Emirates has encouraged the recruitment of foreign workers to unskilled labor, which is inexpensive. Jobs in the service sector and building specialties are prevalent now (find a list of current architect jobs in Dubai), But in recent years it has also shown interest in the work of educated people with high qualifications. Now, evaluating the CVs of foreigners, they pay attention to the knowledge of English, the availability of specialized education, experience, practical skills and ability to work in a team.

In the Emirates, those who have got not qualified positions, but have shown remarkable abilities, can expect for career growth from junior to the head of a department or even a company, since businesses in the UAE are interested in training specialists, therefore the UAE can be considered an up-and-coming country for the employment of foreigners.

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