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Experimentarium Science Center Extension, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Science Centre Building, Hellerup design by CEBRA Architects, Denmark

6 May 2018

Experimentarium Science Center Copenhagen Building

Experimentarium Science Center Extension

Design: CEBRA Architects

Experimentarium in Tuborg near Copenhagen is one of the most exciting buildings to open in recent months.

Designed by CEBRA architects, this world class science centre provides families, school children and science lovers high-quality science exhibitions where they can touch and play and experience science in an innovative new way.

Experimentarium Science Center Copenhagen interior
image courtesy of Pressential

This fascinating project is full of contrasts meaning that the structure itself is as much an exhibition as the attractions and sights within. Inevitably the use of hard surfaces throughout, coupled with the noise and chatter from thousands of daily visitors, meant the architects had to pay special attention to the acoustics.

Their solution was to install Troldtekt ceiling panels which provide a very high-performance sound-absorbing surface which contrasts dramatically with the copper, aluminium and glass elements and complements the interior atmosphere. In addition, because the ceiling is suspended it can be removed or adapted to accommodate exhibition changes within the 11,500sqm of public spaces.

Extended above the original red brick walls of the old brewery, the Experimentarium comprises several new floors clad in perforated aluminium enclosing inspirational spaces and atriums accessed by curved Helix shaped stairways. It is designed like a theatre with large areas backstage housing staff facilities, workshops, creative rooms and offices.

18 Jun 2012

Experimentarium Science Center Hellerup, Copenhagen

Experimentarium Science Center Extension

Design: CEBRA Architects


Danish architects CEBRA present their winning proposal for the extension of the Experimentarium Science Center in Copenhagen. Experimentarium is located in an old mineral water bottling plant and the ambitious plans will transform the preservation-worthy building into an interactive national centre for science, technology and culture.

The 320.000 sqft project includes a large new exhibition hall, a rooftop exhibition space, a botanical roof garden, a flexible stage for an audience of 400 people, centres for learning, innovation and research, a conference centre, cafeterias and modern staff facilities.

Experimentarium Science Center Experimentarium Science Center Copenhagen Experimentarium Science Center Building Extension Copenhagen Experimentarium Science Center Copenhagen Building, Extension
images from architects

CEBRA won the architecture competition back in 2011 and after an adjusting phase the proposal just received a substantial DKK 200m / EUR 27m donation from The A.P. Møller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation – bringing the project one large step closer to realization.

The aim of the extensive modernisation is to create a flexible and contemporary framework that provides a congenial spatial setting for Experimentarium’s diverse exhibition and education activities. At the same time, the extension will open Experimentarium up to its surroundings as a cultural centre that offers a wide range of cultural experiences to the nearby neighbourhoods – using the architecture as an active instrument for communication and interaction.

Strong identity and openness

CEBRA’s proposal is based on a collective – both visual and architectural – interpretation of two factors that characterise Experimentarium’s overall activity and physical surroundings: on the one hand the meeting between the human-made and nature – technology and natural science – and on the other hand the historical as foundation for the future. This pas de deux manifests itself in a new and inciting formal language that bursts Experimentarium’s existing bounds and creates a dynamic link to society, both visually and spatially. The building will define itself through a distinctive expression based on its environment and existing buildings.

The functions are organised with great attention to an extensive internal synergy that creates dynamic and active interior, where new constellations and spatial connections continuously emerge while the working environment for the staff is strengthened at the same time. Functions evolve and are added, by which Experimentarium develops its educational and research platforms, making the institution an attractive collaborator for businesses and universities.

The building offers optimal and flexible surroundings for varying exhibitions; diverse areas that can be expanded, reduced or altered without compromising flow and functionality. The result is a new strong image in a high technology and sustainable form, where the architectural expression supports and communicates the future Experimentarium’s mission and content.

Experimentarium Science Center Extension Experimentarium Science Center Extension Copenhagen Experimentarium Science Center Building Copenhagen
images from architects

The façade as interface

The design and expression of the façades are some of the project’s crucial elements. They serve a double purpose as they both carry out the energy renovation of the existing facades and provide a new and distinctive visual identity to the institution.

In selected spots, large expanses of glass are inserted into to volume’s ‘boxes’ in order to provide views into and out of the building, thus emphasising to architectural dialog with the surrounding urban space by manifesting functions and activities both in the building complex and the city. The staggered boxes ‘push’ them outwards, where a higher degree of external visibility is desired or where views and daylight form the stage for internal experiences.

The boxes are covered in perforated aluminium sheets, which match the need for lighting and transparency of the functions located behind them. By using varying patterns and degrees of perforation, each box obtains an individual expression – despite being covered in the same type of aluminium – and thereby communicates the individual box’ unique content and significance to the project.

In this way the façade expression is based on functional dispositions of the internal sections in combination with deliberate consideration about the institution’s accentuation within the townscape. In order to underline the idea of the future resting on history and with architectural respect for existing building the project creates a formal language, where the boxes’ modern and light appearance rests on the old brick façade’s visual weight; the old bottling plant forms a stable and calm foundation for Experimentarium’s new and dynamic building structure.

Experimentarium Science Center Extension – Building Information

Name: Experimentarium of the Future
Architect: CEBRA
Commission: Private
Location: Hellerup
Type: Project competition
Category: Culture
Client: Experimentarium
Location: Tuborg Havnevej 7, Hellerup, DK
Year: 2011-15
Purpose: Centre for natural science and technology
Size: Approximately 30.000 m2 modernisation and extension
Budget: DKK 400m / EUR 53,8m excl. VAT
Prize: Competition 1st prize
Service: Lead consultancy services
Energy class: Low energy class standard 2015

Experimentarium Science Center Copenhagen images / information from CEBRA


Address: Trangravsvej 10-12, 1436 København, Denmark
Phone: +45 39 27 33 33

Location: Experimentarium, Hellerup, Copenhagen

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