The Labyrinth Competition 2020

The Labyrinth Architecture Competition News, ARCH8 Architectural Contest News

The Labyrinth Competition News

14 Dec 2020

The Labyrinth Competition 2020 News

Being architects and designers, we are always asked to design places that suit humans in every way possible. We are asked to make spaces that are human interactive and those that suit their consciousness the best. But can you design a space that challenges the person’s senses and makes him reconsider where he is and what is he doing?

The Labyrinth Design Competition is all about that, state organisers ARCH8.

THE LABYRINTH is an architectural maze. Is architectural maze even a phrase? We don’t know and we don’t care.

Then what do ARCH8 mean by that?

Let’s say, it is a building built like a maze with a starting point and an ending point. With a lot of  dead ends, difficult choices and various openings, but only one path to exit.

The Labyrinth Competition 2020


Design a maze in a building for people to have fun in. You can use all kinds of architectural elements like doors, windows, stairs, slides and what not. There can be dark zones, mirror zones, scary zones and whatever comes to your mind.

  1. The starting and ending point of the maze should be on ground floor only.
  2. Architectural elements should be majorly used.
  3. It should look like a regular building from outside.
  4. There will be ticketed entries for the building and will be used by 3 customers at a time.
  5. The building can go up to 12m with ground coverage of 100 sqm maximum.

So basically, you have to challenge your problem solving mind to design a problem creating design.


1 A2 (landscape) composed with (at least):

1 plan

1 section

1 view

Design explanation (not more than 150 words).

Path from entry to exit through the maze.

Sheet code mentioned in top right corner

Submission must not include your Name, School or Organization which gives away your identity.

All dimensions should be imperial or in metric units.


Extend to which architectural elements are used.

Creativity in making the paths of the maze.

Sheet presentation skills


Indian National Foreign National
Early-bird Registration

350 INR 7 USD
Standard Registration

420 INR  10 USD
Late Registration

540 INR 15 USD

NOTE: A team can have up to 3 members


Registration deadline: 30th January 2021

Submission deadline: 10th February 2021

Result announcement: 15th February 2021

The following dates can be a subject of modification, if necessary.


Submit in .jpeg format of file size not more than 5mb.

Submit your entry at: [email protected]

Subject of the mail: Your UCI (XXXXX)

Name of the file uploaded: Your UCI (XXXXX)


Winner: Cash prize of INR 7500 + Acknowledgement on the design contest website and social media + publication of the participants’ interview (Video) on website + 40% discount on the next architecture competition + certificate of achievement

1st Runner-up: Cash prize of INR 4500 + Acknowledgement as above + 30% discount on the next architecture competition + certificate of achievement

2nd Runner-up: Cash prize of INR 3000 + Acknowledgement as 1st & 2nd prizes + 20% discount on the next architecture competition + certificate of achievement

10 Honorable mentions: Acknowledgement on the website + 10% discount on the next architecture competition + certificate of achievement

Participation certificate for all the participants.


  1. What is the nature of the competition?

‘THE LABYRINTH’ is an open idea design competition challenge which is open for students, professionals & for any individual with a creative mind.

  1. Who can participate in the competition?

Architecture students, Architects, Interior Designer, Civil engineers & anyone with creativity can participate in the competition.

  1. How many members can be a part of a team?

A team can have a maximum of 3 members. You can also participate individually.

  1. Will every participant get a certificate of participation?

Yes, each registered participant will receive an e-certificate.

  1. What should be done in case a payment mode is not available in a particular country?

In such case we request the participants to write about the issue at [email protected]

to get other payment options. We will send all possible payment methods.

  1. How will a team get its Unique Identification Code?

The Unique Identification Code ( UIC ) will be mailed on your registered e-mail address within 24 hrs after completing the registration process. There is only one UIC code for all the team members of a team.

  1. What is the use of Unique Identification Code?

All the participants are requested to use their UIC at the top right corner of your submission as it is your identity for the competition related processes.

  1. What to do if a participant does not receive the UIC after making payment?

In such cases the participants are asked to mail their payment receipt [email protected].

  1. Does the 150 word limit include legends & one-liners in the sheet?

No, the 150 word limit is for the proposal explanation only and it does not include the legends & one-liners on the sheet.

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